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Zero 2024 Ford Ranger Pickups Were Produced In October 2023

Already on sale in a number of global markets, the all-new, next-generation 2024 Ford Ranger was originally slated to launch in the U.S. this past summer, with production set to being at the Michigan Assembly plant on August 21st, though that date was later pushed back by one week. Regardless, even then, production remained severely constrained as FoMoCo managed to build just 151 examples of the redesigned mid-size pickup that month, and a couple of weeks later, the United Auto Workers (UAW) began its targeted strike against the automaker at MAP, which meant that just 15 units of the 2024 Ford Ranger were built in September, and as one might imagine, that number declined even further in October, according to Ford’s Q3 sales report.

2024 Ford Ranger driver's side view

Last month, exactly zero 2024 Ford Ranger pickups were built at the Michigan Assembly plant, which isn’t a huge surprise given the fact that the strike shut down production there for essentially the entire month. Ford and the UAW reached a tentative agreement on a new contract late in the day on October 25th, and workers began returning to the plant shortly thereafter.

Ford also recently began calling back workers at MAP that it had laid off as a result of the strike, which means that things should ramp up relatively quickly moving forward, hopefully. As Ford Authority previously reported, in addition to the strike, customer build dates for the 2024 Ford Ranger keep getting pushed back as a result of supply chain constraints, according to the automaker.

There’s also the matter of Ford’s deal with the UAW being tentative, meaning that it isn’t official yet. Rather, union workers must vote to approve it first, even though they’ve already returned to work. However, as Ford Authority reported earlier today, workers at the Michigan Assembly plant overwhelmingly approved the deal, which bodes well for the remaining facilities that have yet to vote on the matter.

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  1. John Tedrow

    And 0 F-Series were built!!
    Now on my from 13th month from day of order. Scheduled build date has already moved 5 times, out to 12-11-23 now for a F-450 Lariat.

  2. MGoBlue

    Good to see MAP getting busy as I was born and raised in Wayne. My 2021 Ranger lease ended in May 2023. I used to replace my vehicle every 2 or 3 years but could not yet order a 2024 Ranger at end of lease. So, I bought my 2021 out of its lease and so glad I did. Now that I see the 2024 Ranger lack of production and price increases (and before the added UAW costs), I will drive my paid for 2021 until it drops.

    1. WoodyHayes

      Did you secretly record that exact detail?
      BTW, Ford is absolutely INSANE attempting to charge these prices.
      Go Buckeyes!

  3. hot toddy

    beginning to sound more and more like the Bronco release

  4. JB

    I bought out my 20 ranger lease whilst waiting for my Bronco. Long story short I ended up with the F150 PB. The Ranger was a nice midsize for me but am appreciating the comfort of the F150 and better mpgs with a truck that’s almost twice the size.

  5. John

    The supply chain excuse is getting a little long in the tooth here. I know a few people who have been in the same boat as they experienced a longer than expected wait to get their new Ford vehicle. That’s just unacceptable. I will say that Ford did act quickly, though, for those I knew whose lease was about to expire. They simply extended the lease of their outgoing vehicle to accommodate for the extended wait time.

  6. Mutt Daniel

    I ordered my 2024 Ford Ranger on May 28th. I got a discount for my early order. Hopefully Ford honors my order and price. More importantly, I hope that I can receive it in the next 6 weeks.

  7. Shannon

    When will the 2024 rangers ordered be built . I ordered one and still waiting


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