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Chopped Ford Bronco Two Door Still Runs And Drives: Video

Some owners ask quite a bit of their rugged Ford Bronco, spurring it over otherwise impassable terrain just to show off what it can really do. However, every vehicle has its limits, as this poor Bronco found out. However, even without its upper half, the off-road SUV seemingly still runs and drives like a champ.

It’s not clear exactly what happened to this Ford Bronco – which appears to be Outer Banks trim – but it was clearly involved in some type of horrific incident, judging by its misaligned body panels, shattered windshield and sheared top. The A, B and C-pillars appear to have been intentionally chopped off – perhaps the work of Jaws of Life or other hydraulic rescue tool.

As for what went wrong, it’s possible that this Ford Bronco was involved in a rollover incident on the road or trail, resulting in a smashed greenhouse and shredded body panels. However, from the angle we’re given as the off-road pony is rolled off the transporter, there’s no clear evidence of other body damage, such as gouged paint or dented doors. In fact, its shine makes it appear almost new. Stranger yet, the wheels still appear to be aligned and the frame intact.

It’s also entirely possible that this Bronco didn’t even make it off the transporter before it was wrecked. It could have been rammed under an overpass and destroyed before it was delivered to a dealer or customer. That scenario would account for the lack of other damage or road grime. Whatever the case, even though this Ford Bronco seems to have some life left, it might not ever make it out of the junkyard.


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At least it will be in good company in the wrecking yard. There’s already at least one 2024 Ford Mustang that’s being parted out after being wrecked, and the first wrecked Ford Mustang Mach-E has been laid to rest as well along with a Ford Maverick that didn’t stand a chance against a semi.

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Alexandra is a Colorado-based journalist with a passion for all things involving horsepower, be it automotive or equestrian.

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