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First Kindred Bronco Delivered As Company Gears Up For EV

With the Ford Bronco as popular as ever, a number of companies are churning out high-quality, high-dollar restomod versions of the first-generation SUV, a list that includes Kindred Motorworks. Back in August 2022, that company revealed something we haven’t seen before, however – a Bronco restomod powered by a 5.0L V8 Coyote engine mated with an electric motor and marketed as a plug-in hybrid. Then, this past April, Kindred also revealed an off-road-focused “Trail Edition” version of its Bronco restomod, further expanding that lineup, which will eventually include an all-electric variant as well. Now, Kindred has delivered its very first customer vehicle – a Bronco Heritage Edition – to a customer, marking the next step in the company’s expansion.

First Kindred Ford Bronco Customer Delivery - Exterior 003 - Interior

“This is, without question, the most exciting day in our company’s young history,” said Kindred Motorworks founder and CEO, Rob Howard. “In under two years, we’ve evolved from an idea inspired by the complexities of restoring a classic vehicle to a fully realized company that is now producing and delivering turnkey, fully modernized vintage vehicles to customers like Jeff.”

That customer – Jeff Tsai – took advantage of Kindred’s Customer Work Day experience, traveling out to the company’s headquarters and meeting with the team, touring the facility, helping work on his own Bronco, and driving another one. “It’s always exciting, that day you pick up a new car, but this is different. It’s the culmination of a unique and exhilarating journey for me,” Tsai said. “Kindred Motorworks developed an experience for new owners that really made me feel like I’m a part of the company – not just a customer. Being able to come to Mare Island, collaborate with the team, and work on my own car as it was being built left me feeling fully invested in what’s happening here. I’m proud to be their first customer, and I couldn’t be happier with my Kindred Bronco.”

First Kindred Ford Bronco Customer Delivery - Exterior 002 - Rear

Kindred notes that it has 13 other vehicles in the works right now, as well as a waitlist once those builds have been completed. Three more deliveries are expected to be completed by the end of the year, with production continuing to scale up through 2024, along with the addition of new products. “With the V8-powered Broncos fully blueprinted and in production, we’re able to focus our attention on the Kindred Bronco EV, which our customers are very excited for,” Howard said. “Our future at Kindred Motorworks is electric, as we’ve shown with our VW Bus and 3100 Pickup prototypes. We’re developing our electric Bronco from the ground up to ensure that it is every bit as capable and fun as the combustion models, no matter the terrain or environment.”

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  1. JimL

    Sounds like a helluva good company. I wish them much success. I would buy one of their Broncos if I had the means. It’s beautiful.

  2. Rick Mitchell

    Now that’s really cooool!

  3. Smitty

    Very Nice! Tastefully Done!!

  4. Charlie

    Now if they’re not $79,000 they should sell really good! A step in the right direction Ford.

  5. Kechke

    Nice truck . . . . . too bad it’s electric!


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