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Ford 10-Speed Automatic Transmission Lawsuit Is Ongoing

The Ford 10-speed automatic transmission is a crucial part of the automaker’s powertrain portfolio and has been equipped on a number of popular Blue Oval products for over six years. However, during that period, lawsuits regarding the transmission have been filed by plaintiffs who claim that it is defective. As Ford Authority previously reported, three lawsuits about the transmission have been filed in 2023 alone. While all of the cases are ongoing, Car Complaints has provided an update on one of them, and unsurprisingly, Ford wants it dismissed.

Daniel McCabe v. Ford Motor Company was filed in the U.S. District Court for the District of Massachusetts (Eastern Division). The plaintiffs allege that the Ford 10-speed automatic transmission is defective and that the automaker has known it is problematic since 2018. They claim it impacts owners via erratic shifting, jerking, lunging, hesitating, and clunking. According to the suit, Ford began issuing its first technical service bulletin in 2018 regarding Ford F-150 pickups that experienced delayed shifting. To that end, the plaintiffs claim that the following vehicles equipped with the 10R80 transmission are defective:

During a recent court hearing, Ford dismissed claims that it has not offered adequate repairs for the transmission and said that the lawsuit should be dismissed because the plaintiffs don’t allege that they tried to get their vehicles repaired while they were under their respective warranties. Additionally, Ford says the plaintiffs have continued to use their vehicles, negating their claim that they’re unsafe. The Blue Oval also said that any Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act claims must be dismissed because the legislation requires 100 named plaintiffs, while Daniel McCabe v. Ford Motor Company only has four. It also said that the plaintiffs failed to adequately allege fraudulent misrepresentation as it relates to the claim that the automaker knew about defects with the transmission.

Regardless of the outcome of this particular lawsuit, the Ford 10-speed automatic transmission isn’t going away anytime soon. As Ford Authority previously reported, it will continue to be produced at the Livonia Transmission and Sharonville Transmission plants into 2028.

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Ed owns a 1986 Ford Taurus LX, and he routinely daydreams about buying another one, a fantasy that may someday become a reality.

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  1. Robert Davis

    Ford disassociation attitude toward solving the 10 speed transmission issues doesn’t support customer loyalty with their product, myself included.
    I am in the market for a new F150 King Ranch edition but definitely not going to invest in a non reliable truck. Logic reassurance to my decision to keep my ‘08 with over a 100K miles. Reman engines and transmissions are readily available if I were to need one with a 2-3 year warranty.

  2. FordCosworth

    Where are my comments?

  3. Bob B

    They have the fix with a redesigned CDF drum in late 2022. Seems to me that is an admission there was a problem, the only question is how long did Ford know about it before redesigning, and is anyone who purchased in that interim period eligible for a replacement or rebuild even beyond their factory warranty.

  4. Larry

    I had a 2018 King ranch and the transmission went out at 30 thousand miles, they fixed it under warranty and the 4×4 went out, then the sunroof, I changed to RAM,wish me luck.

  5. Devsoftech

    What about 2022 Ford Explorer. That comes with 10 speed tranny. Why it’s not on the list ?

  6. Wilfred

    Is it just certain years

  7. Cory Ezekiel

    Bulletin, not bulleting. Does editing even exist anymore?

    1. Edward Snitkoff

      It does but nobody’s perfect. It’s been corrected.

  8. Cecilia Bedford

    What about 2020 Ford edge it jerks slips between 20mph and 40 mph

  9. Patrick gill

    How do I join the lawsuit, that pertains to the transmission issues?

  10. Tony R White

    The reason more people don’t have records of getting the transmission fixed is because the dealerships tell you just keep driven it it will get better. That Ford knows about it and the only thing you can do is keep driving it or keep getting it reset every few 3 months or so.I have a 2022 Mustang GT and I am very aware of the TR80 problems.

  11. Felisa

    Ford f 2500 pickup is it also in the defective 10 speed transmissions? I have a f 2500 fuel not diesel with 10 speed and they have tried replacing cyloniod and in less than 12 hr it broke down again even worse as numerous gears all acting up beyond upset and frustrated any feedback if this comment with these models and are included in the lawsuit claims would be appreciated


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