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Ford Dunton Campus Stops Mowing Grass

In addition to expanding its EV lineup across the globe, Ford is also working to make its production facilities more sustainable and environmentally friendly as well. These efforts have netted it plenty of recognition for various plants around the world, and range in scope from installing solar panels to utilizing sustainable planting methods in an effort to improve biodiversity and ecological balance at places at the Cologne Electric Vehicle Center. Now, the automaker is doing something similar at the Ford Dunton campus in the UK, where it has stopped mowing the grass in certain areas for a very good reason.

The Ford Dunton campus has implemented “no mow” zones, which began this past summer. Crews were instructed to stop mowing the grass on these large portions of land, which will enable natural habitats to form, where things like flora and fauna can flourish. However, the idea for these no mow zones actually came about during a meeting between site manager Mark Judd and the Dunton Environment Wellbeing Team (DEWT).

“I was approached by a group of passionate employees wanting to drive change on site at Dunton, and there were a number of initiatives put forward which we are working through, but we managed to implement the no-mow zones quickly and you can really see the benefit,” Judd explained. “Changing the way we mow can result in a tenfold increase in the amount of nectar available to bees and other pollinators.”

“This is just one of many initiatives our employees are putting forward across Europe and we are enthused and excited to see changes being made to benefit the environment and wellbeing,” added Kirsten Abernethy from the European Employee Sustainability Group.

The implementation of these no-mow zones is just one component of Ford’s “Road to Better” initiative, which aims to “build a more sustainable, inclusive, and equitable transportation future, where every person is free to move and pursue their dreams,” according to the automaker.

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  1. Lance

    How long before they are spending money on pest control and mice eating up wiring? Everyone wants to be one with nature until the realize what nature really is.

    1. Tony (uk)

      Surely you should be spending money if you have a mice infestation?


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