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Ford F-150 Among Top 10 Leased Vehicles Of Q3 2023

Once incredibly popular in the U.S., lease rates have declined significantly over the past year or so, which is partially due to the fact that automakers simply aren’t subsidizing leases with the sort of deals that they once did, mitigating its advantage in terms of monthly payments versus financing. Regardless, Ford continues to perform well in that area, ranking sixth among the top 20 leased makes in Q1 2023 and retaining the same spot in Q2 before moving up a spot to fifth in Q3. In terms of individual models, it should come as no surprise that the best-selling Ford F-150 also ranked among the top 10 leased vehicles of the third quarter as well, according to new data from financial services company Experian.

Top 10 Leased Automotive Models Q3 2023

In Q3, the Ford F-150 ranked as the second-most leased model in the U.S. by accounting for 2.45 percent of all leases in the U.S. That ranks it behind only the Honda CR-V at 2.76 percent, as well as ahead of the Nissan Rogue (2.15 percent), Chevy Silverado 1500 (1.99 percent), Jeep Wrangler (1.92 percent), Honda Accord (1.9 percent), Jeep Grand Cherokee (1.84 percent), Honda Civic (1.78 percent), Chevy Equinox (1.67 percent), and Mazda CX-5 (1.56 percent).

Despite this, in terms of finance to lease mix, Ford sales in Q3 still tilted heavily toward purchases at 81.37 percent versus 18.63 percent for leases, however. That lease figure was actually one of the lowest in the industry in the last quarter, in fact, trailing only Dodge (10.19 percent), Tesla (13.27 percent), Chrysler (15.92 percent), Toyota (16.05 percent), and Jaguar (17.87 percent).

In terms of the overall market, a total of 79.09 percent of customers opted to finance their new vehicle purchase in Q3, versus just over 21 percent that chose to lease. That number has declined over the past two years after cresting at 86.44 percent in 2021 and 82.25 percent in 2022, however.

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