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Ford F-150 Lightning MSRP Ad Policy Remains In Place

As Ford Authority reported back in September 2021, Blue Oval dealers were told not to list the Ford F-150 Lightning below its MSRP when the EV pickup originally launched, though those same dealers were permitted to sell the vehicles at less than sticker price. At the time, this request was a bit moot given the fact that the Ford F-150 Lightning was in high demand and short supply for some time, which meant that most weren’t just selling at MSRP, but in many cases, with markups attached. However, with demand now lagging behind expected levels and Ford choosing to halve F-150 Lightning production in 2024, one might expect to hear that this policy has changed – but as it turns out, it has not, according to a recent dealer bulletin seen by CarsDirect.

Ford F-150 Lightning Hollister Hills State Vehicle Recreation Area Off-Road Test

Instead, the automaker has chosen to retain its Minimum Alllowable Advertised Price (MAAP) policy for the Ford F-150 Lightning. “All other Ad Covenant guidelines, including MAAP on the F-150 Lightning, remain in effect,” the letter reads, though as was previously the case, dealers are free to sell the pickup at less than MSRP, regardless. MAAP rules typically exist as a way to build or preserve a brand/model’s image, as advertising ultra-cheap deals can signal trouble in the proverbial water, but it’s still a bit inconvenient for those wanting to shop around online before visiting a dealership.

What makes this move particularly strange is the fact that earlier this month, The Blue Oval decided to abandon its MAAP policy for the Ford Mustang Mach-E, which itself has faced weakening demand as of late.

2024 Ford F-150 Lightning Flash - Exterior 003 - Rear Three Quarters

Regardless, given Ford’s recent announcement that it’s slashing F-150 Lightning production in 2024 by a substantial margin, it wouldn’t be surprising to see it follow suit and get rid of the MAAP requirement at some point next year, particularly as the EV pickup is poised to face a bevy of new competition in the coming months.

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