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Ford F-650 Super Truck Absolutely Defies Explanation: Video

Big, bodacious versions of medium-duty Ford trucks are certainly nothing new, as a handful of companies have been transforming those work models into luxurious and gigantic cruisers for years now. However, what we haven’t seen yet is a proper video review of one of those monstrosities, at least from the likable folks behind the YouTube channel Throttle House. Now, that is precisely what has happened after the Canada-based duo recently got their hands on a Ford F-650 Super Truck – which is actually up for sale with a price tag of just a smidge under $300k.

Ford F-650 Super Truck Review - Exterior 002 - Rear Three Quarters

Typically, Throttle House likes to review vehicles on the track or some twisty canyon road, but this Ford F-650 Super Truck clearly isn’t made for such venues. Rather, it’s designed to draw all of the attention possible, everywhere it goes, and perhaps traverse some rocky terrain if one desires. In this case, the Super Truck started life as a regular old F-650, after which it was fitted with a bed, huge bumpers, gigantic wheels and tires, and of course, a set of exhaust stacks for good measure.

While it’s obviously an over-the-top rig, this Super Truck is somewhat mundane in certain areas, surprisingly. That includes under the hood, where one will find Ford’s turbocharged 6.7L V8 Power Stroke diesel making a rather modest 300 horsepower and 750 pound-feet of torque. As our hosts discovered, that isn’t exactly enough juice to spin those aforementioned wheels and tires, which reportedly cost a cool $20,000 by themselves.

As one might imagine, actually driving something like this Ford F-650 Super Truck on a daily basis isn’t what one might call easy either, unless they’re already a big rig driver. This thing is ridiculously huge, making it virtually impossible to park in normal-sized spaces or parking garages, or even take through a drive-thru. As such, the TH gang admits they wouldn’t drop $300k on something like this, but there are certainly a few folks out there – many of them professional athletes – that are more than happy to do exactly that, all in the name of having the biggest, baddest machine on the road.

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