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Ford Fox Body Mustang Wall Art Up For Auction

While vintage, unique, or just downright cool FoMoCo vehicles tend to garner plenty of attention at auction, the same can also be said for Blue Oval-related memorabilia, too. In that realm, we’ve seen quite a few vintage signs go up for grabs and ultimately sell for solid money to interested parties and FoMoCo fanatics, including a Ford RS Cosworth illuminated sign, an illuminated vintage Ford Mustang sign, and a good old fashioned Blue Oval sign that also lights up. Now, those interested in something a bit older can bid on this very cool Ford Fox Body Mustang wall art that’s currently up for auction over at Bring a Trailer.

Ford Fox Body Mustang Wall Art

When we say Ford Fox Body Mustang wall art, what we really mean is – quite literally – the entire front nose portion of a Fox-era Ford Mustang, which in this case has been hacked off and transformed into a true conversation piece. Constructed from the front bumper cover, grille, headlights, and portions of the hood and fenders from a Fox Body Mustang, this piece of art is finished in Calypso Green and equipped with remote-controlled dimmable LED lighting, to boot.

Ford Fox Body Mustang Wall Art

Aside from all of those goodies, this art piece utilizes its own power supply so that it can be plugged in and the lighting operated via a key fob, and the body parts are installed on a black frame with an aluminum bracket, which ensures that the piece can be mounted flatly against a wall.

Ford Fox Body Mustang Wall Art

Measuring 65 inches wide, 24 inches tall, and 17 inches deep, this unique art piece weighs around 80 pounds, and as one might imagine, would make quite the conversation piece – even for those that aren’t necessarily rabid fans of the Ford Fox Body Mustang, we would imagine.

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  1. Ford Owner

    That does not look like the front of my 1980 Mustang.

  2. Shawn

    Definitely not a 80 🤷‍♂️


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