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Ford Maverick Hybrid Among Top 10 Fastest Selling New Cars

Though it’s preparing to enter its third model year of production, the Ford Maverick remains one of the hottest vehicles on the market. Inventory remains scant, and coupled with high demand, that means that many are paying more than MSRP for the compact pickup. In the meantime, the Ford Maverick has earned plenty of accolades, a list that includes being one of the most recommended cheap vehicles and a top pick under $35k by Consumer Reports, all while ranking as one of the top 20 fastest-selling new vehicles multiple times. Now, new data from iSeeCars reveals that the Ford Maverick Hybrid, specifically, is among the top 10 fastest-selling new vehicles, too.

In its latest analysis, iSeeCars found that the Ford Maverick Hybrid ranked as the third-fastest selling new vehicle on the market after spending just 14.3 days on dealer lots, on average, which means that the electrified compact pickup trails only the BMW X6 (10 days) and the Kia Rio (12.7 days) in that regard. The Maverick Hybrid also ranked ahead of the Kia Sportage Hybrid (15.5 days), Toyota Grand Highlander Hybrid (17.9 days), Lexus RX 350h (19.8 days), Toyota Camry Hybrid (21.4 days), BMW X7 (21.6 days), Ford Escape Hybrid
(21.9 days), and Lexus NX 350h (21.9 days), as well as the overall industry average of 44.4 days.

To come up with this data, iSeeCars analyzed over 2.3 million vehicle transactions, and found that overall, both prices and selling times have eased from their pandemic-induced highs, as new models are selling slower and at a lower price versus one year ago. However, while EV prices and demand have dropped the most of any segment, hybrids remain red hot among new vehicle shoppers.

“Hybrid drivetrains have migrated from small hatchbacks to nearly every vehicle category over the past decade,” said Karl Brauer, iSeeCars executive analyst. “Today’s buyers can find hybrid technology in almost every new-car showroom. Their lower price and lack of range anxiety, when compared against EVs, is clearly resonating with consumers.”

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  1. Larry

    We shouldn’t have to pay extra for the hybrid. It was standard for a year or so and you snuck in the 2.0 gasoline. Since climate is in the for front now it makes sense to put the hybrid standard again.

    1. Betty Emma Stefani-Jones

      Totally agree, we ordered it when it was standard and still haven’t gotten it but now we have to pay extra for the hybrid, that is if it ever comes.


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