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Ford Maverick Owner Replaces Rotary Dial With F-150 Shifter

Since the Ford Maverick launched for the 2022 model year, the thrifty compact pickup has proven to be incredibly popular to modify among its owners. Over the past few months, we’ve seen a Ford Maverick owner install the digital instrument cluster from a Ford Escape in their ride, another example get the steering wheel from a Fiesta ST, and yet another gain a custom strut tower brace, to name just a few. Now, the owner of this particular Ford Maverick and member of the Maverick Truck Club has successfully replaced their rotary dial shifter with a more traditional floor-mounted unit from a Ford F-150, too.

Ford Maverick With Ford F-150 Floor Shifter - Interior 002

As the owner points out, the floor shifter from the 2021-2023 Ford F-150 fits in the Maverick’s center console, and functions perfectly fine as well, which is truly interesting. As one might imagine, this isn’t some straight bolt-in job, however, as it does require a little bit of cutting in the console area to make the shifter fit, but otherwise, the plug used by both shifters is apparently the same and no additional software manipulation is required, either.

The owner of this Ford Maverick admits that he hasn’t yet tried to hook up the paddle shifters in conjunction with the new F-150 piece, but he’s safely assuming that the shift buttons on the steering wheel will work, once they’re hooked up, at least. He also notes that he’s going to make a custom panel for the brake and drive modes that will be located in the front of the center console, and he also plans to make a cleaner mount for the shifter itself to boot.

Ford Maverick With Ford F-150 Floor Shifter - Interior 001

This modification should be of particular interest to those that simply don’t like the newer rotary shifter, which Ford has utilized in a wide array of vehicles over the past few years. Many simply prefer the feel and operation of a good old fashioned floor-mounted shifter, and in this case, it seems as if installing such a thing in the Maverick is pretty easy to do.

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  1. Robert

    And voids warranty and destroys resale value.

    1. Ford Owner

      That will increase resale value.

    2. Isaac

      You’re no fun.

    3. Mike

      That truck already has a swapped engine, bigger turbo, tune, and tons of mods, not really worried about warranty 🙃

  2. Dave Mathers


  3. Rich Bailey

    I dislike the rotary knob intensely and if someone would make a kit, it would sell well.

    1. Haku


  4. Darq

    Has anyone changed their seat??

    1. Ivan Gonzalez

      I did

    2. Racerx410

      My only negatives of the truck are the steering wheel and seats.

  5. David Dickinson II

    Add a rotary phone and then I’ll be impressed.

  6. StefanZ

    Try telling that to my dog …


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