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Ford Pro Teams Up With Xcel Energy For EV Charging Ports

The pivot toward battery electric vehicles cannot successfully occur without the installation of more EV chargers. While most of the focus has been on how retail EV owners have grappled with the current charging experience, commercial vehicle owners will need to deal with the issue too. Fortunately, Ford’s commercial division just announced a new initiative that will help businesses within the Xcel Energy service area with EV charging installation and support, as part of a new collaboration with a specific goal in mind.

Ford Pro EV chargers

30×30, the new collaboration between Ford Pro and Xcel Energy, launches in 2024 in Colorado and Wisconsin as an extension of the energy provider’s Electric Vehicle Supply Infrastructure program. Essentially, the company is working to boost EV charging via outreach to help business fleets manage and install the infrastructure necessary to charge their vehicles. Together with Ford, the 30×30 team up will see Xcel Energy work with businesses regarding charging infrastructure installation. Most of the upfront costs will be offset by Xcel, while Ford Pro will provide Ford Pro Charging equipment and post-installation customer service and support. Both companies want 30,000 chargers installed across the energy provider’s service area by 2030, hence the name of the new initiative.

“Ford Pro and Xcel Energy are pioneering a whole new way to scale EV charging infrastructure,” said Amanda Rome, Executive Vice President, Group President, Utilities & Chief Customer Officer at Xcel Energy. “Ford Pro is a trusted provider in fleet electrification, scaling charging infrastructure for fleets with smart vehicle, charging and software solutions. And Xcel Energy is a trusted advisor in transportation electrification, providing energy, infrastructure and innovative solutions for customers’ homes, businesses and EVs. Together, we are committed to making a real impact on the future of electrification in America.”

Ford Pro EV charging port

Ford has been working to develop its own chargers and expand partnerships that will make it easier for EV owners to charge their vehicles. Ford Pro recently revealed a new generation of AC and DC chargers for fleets. It also entered into an agreement with EnviroSpark for EV charger installation at Ford dealers in nine U.S. states. And next year, Ford EV owners will be able to charge at select Tesla Supercharger stations with an adapter.

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  1. Dan

    Doesn’t matter due to the grassroots Nationwide boycott against EVs. Americans aren’t buying. #BudLightEVs

    1. Mackie

      Not sure about the boycott part but EV adoption growth rate is slowing. The November election will have the biggest consequences to where we go from here.


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