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Ford Ranger Among Top 10 Slowest Selling New Cars

In the midst of a changeover to the all-new, next generation, 2024 model, the Ford Ranger has faced its fair share of production issues in recent months as well. In fact, inventory of the mid-size pickup was essentially non-existent in September, and production was heavily constrained at the Michigan Assembly plant even before the UAW strike shut it down completely for several weeks, all while customer build dates for the redesigned model continue to get pushed back. Thus, it should probably come as no surprise that the Ford Ranger is among the top 10 slowest selling new vehicles on the market right now – joining the Lincoln Aviator – according to new data from iSeeCars.

The Ford Ranger managed to rank as the ninth slowest-selling new vehicle on the market, in fact, after spending an average of 90.5 days on dealer lots – two times longer than the average new vehicle. That ranks it behind the Mercedes-Benz EQS (119.6 days), Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV (116.1 days), Mercedes-Benz C-Class (100.6 days), Mazda MX-5 Miata (98 days), Nissan Armada (95.5 days), Volvo XC40 Recharge (95.5 days), Lincoln Aviator (92.7 days), and Mercedes-Benz GLS (90.7 days), as well as ahead of the Land Rover Discovery Sport (89.9 days). Meanwhile, the average new vehicle is spending just 44.4 days on dealer lots, for comparison’s sake.

The aforementioned issues are certainly playing a big role in these suppressed Ford Ranger sales, but it’s also worth noting that the outgoing model is quite archaic compared to the forthcoming redesigned mid-size pickup after having been on sale in the U.S. since 2019, but in global markets far longer.

In any event, as Ford Authority previously reported, Ranger sales once again landed near the bottom of the segment in Q3 of this year after declining by 40.7 percent year-over-year to 7,385 units. Through the first three quarters of the year, Ford sold a total of 31,503 Rangers, which ranks it behind every other mid-size pickup on the market except for the GMC Canyon.

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  1. Shockandawe

    gm twins leave the Ranger in the dust.

    1. FordCosworth

      The Ranger Raptor will leave the not so gm twin in the dust

    2. Davido49

      Maybe for now.. all new gen3 ’24 Ranger just became avail for sale in Sept! Give it a full yr. It’s an excellent truck. Class leading in most areas. Outgoing gen2 was outstanding as well in fact. Unlike you..i hope the GM twins AND new Ranger decimate Tacoma sales. Tacoma is overrated an had midsized market to itself for a decade. Ford knows trucks better than anyone. The all new Ranger will succeed.

  2. Ken BUfalini

    The above article regarding slow sales for the Ford Ranger is a joke! Ive had my order in for a 2024 Lariat for over seven mounts. To Date, I still do not have a built date. If Ford wants to increase sales of the Ranger, GET THEM OUT OUT DOOR!!!

  3. Jeffrey

    Ford has to make the Ranger to sell the ranger

  4. JKinPA

    Price isn’t the greatest for what you get. Raptor is the best deal as far as price for what you get. They missed the pricing mark for non Raptors. Just my opinion but it’s relatively basic unless you get close to 50 k and that puts you in the kick ass Raptor range.

    1. Davido49

      A mid-level XLT Ranger gives ya a ton of technology & features.. as did previous gen2 (’19-’23) Ranger. Have you built one at or actually seen one on lot??

  5. Johann

    Their backup service is very bad.
    I bought new engine, after 15000km
    the engine overhead, FORD management not interested to help me.

  6. Bob

    I’m still pissed there’s no supercab version. I’m in the US and have been waiting on the “new ranger” for years but have no use for a 4-door or desire for a short-bed.

    I suspect the bean-counters are concerned with cannibalizing sales of the F-150 SC but hey, some profit is better than the no-profit they’ll make if I buy a taco. :-/

  7. Rob A

    I ruled out the Ranger (and the GM twins) because I hate that jacked up in the rear end look and it also makes it more awkward to get in/out of. My Sport Trac had progressive rate springs and sat level all the time no matter what you loaded. My Maverick is pretty much the same.


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