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Ford Rival GM Loses Half Of Buick Dealers Over EV Program

Since it announced the Model e Certified program last year, Ford has dealt with its fair share of backlash related to this new EV sales program, which Ford dealers were given the chance to either opt in or out of. Facing a number of legal challenges and trust issues pertaining to its implementation, the automaker has made some changes to the Model e Certified program based on dealer feedback, which satisfied some of those concerns, though others remain. Following these changes, some Ford dealers chose to opt out of the program after initially opting in. Now, Ford’s cross-town rival General Motors is facing an even bigger revolt after losing roughly half of its Buick dealers over its own proposed EV program, according to GM Authority.

Buick dealers were given one of two options last year – invest somewhere between $300,000 and $400,000, with that money going toward EV-related equipment, tooling, and training as the brand transitions to a 100 percent all-electric lineup by 2030, or take a buyout from the automaker.

Ultimately, nearly one-half of Buick dealers – 1,000 out of around 1,958 – chose to carry on and make those investments as they transition to EVs, but the rest instead opted to take the buyout. That’s a whopping 47 percent reduction in dealerships that will take place in the coming months. However, the dealers ditching the brand accounted for only around 20 percent of Buick’s total sales in the U.S., signaling that those entities weren’t exactly at the top tier in that regard. In any event, it doesn’t seem as if the brand is too concerned about this massive loss, either.

“I’m really pleased with where we are,” said Global Buick/GMC Vice President Duncan Aldred. “The network, where we are now, is a good size. It’s with dealers who are focused on the business, who’ve shown that they can recover the volume that the dealers who transitioned away were doing.”

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  1. Mike

    More importantly, will GM have enough customers to purchase all the EV’s that will be built. The opinions of the last few years say no, but time will tell. Or maybe further government subsidies will be the answer.

  2. Dave Mathers

    “I’m really pleased with where we are”? Really? Buick loses nearly half of it’s dealer body as well as 20% of it’s volume and that’s okay? Sounds like PR double speak to me.

  3. RCS

    What a crock…GM cutting off its nose to spite its face and doing away with small businesses as it does so.

  4. CP

    I wouldn’t take one if you gave it to me. Keep your Klaus Schwab, WEF, population control, EV junk.

  5. Trent

    Go woke go broke, keep your electrified pieces of crap.

  6. thpope

    Most dealers are terrible to deal with. It’s rare to find a good one. What needs to happen is state laws to change to allow direct sales. I wish politics in ev vs ice would take a back seat as well. I’m not a fan of current battery tech, but there is no doubt electric motors superiority over combustion engines.

  7. Tigger

    No biggie. Aside from the Enclave, Buick is just a lineup of captive imports much like the GEO division was in the 1990s.

  8. BillyR

    Who gets the Obits first in 2024, Buick or Lincoln? Both are starved of exciting and stylish products.


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