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FordPass Ranked Above Average In 2023 U.S. ICE App Report

The FordPass app is enormously important for the automaker as it continues to make its vehicles more technologically sophisticated and connected with owner’s mobile devices. The app is responsible for informing owners about the condition of their vehicles, and can even be used to schedule a pickup and delivery should they need service at a local Ford dealer. That’s why it is critical for the company to make sure that FordPass remains a satisfying experience for users. According to the J.D. Power 2023 U.S. OEM App Report, it seems the company is succeeding in that regard, as the app ranked above average, beating out other apps that fared much worse.

In J.D. Power’s report, FordPass ranked eighth among all apps with a score of 728 out of a possible 1,000 points. That placed it behind Hyundai with Bluelink (803), MySubaru (783), MyNissan (767), Kia Access (763), myBuick (753), myGMC (747), myChevrolet (747), and HondaLink (736). It tied with myVW and was rated higher than MyMitsubishi Connect (719), Dodge (718), Toyota (711), Wagoneer (705), Jeep (701), Mini (670), MyMazda (667), Ram (665), and Chrysler (656).

The 2023 U.S. OEM ICE App Report is designed to measure how internal combustion vehicle owners feel about their app experience based on a survey that relies on more than 270 best practices using a standardized assessment approach. More than 150 mobile app functionality specific attributes are included in the assessment. According to J.D. Power, about 1,504 vehicle owners were surveyed in the United States from October-November of 2023 to gather insights on connectivity issues, app usage, feature desirability, and overall execution of the app.

FordPass app F-150 Smart Hitch press image

Overall, 29 percent of owners have experienced a connectivity related issue with their manufacturer’s mobile app and 64 percent say they occasionally experience a slow connection. According to the report, 73 percent use the mobile app provided by their vehicle’s manufacturer. The organization says diagnostic data and health information, including the ability to outline lock, window, and door status, are among the most desirable features user want from an automotive mobile app.

“Smartphone apps remain a highly problematic vehicle feature, even as manufacturers continue to focus on resolving connectivity-related issues,” said Jason Norton, senior manager of global automotive consulting at J.D. Power, “It’s clear that customers will have a better overall ownership experience if they have a better smartphone app experience.”

This latest report is the second of its kind to surface in 2023. As Ford Authority previously reported, J.D. Power released a similar report on OEM EV app satisfaction in May, with FordPass also being ranked above average by users. As of 2021, about 91 percent of Ford owners were using the app.

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