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Future Ford Vehicles Could Get Airbag Surrounding Seatback

Ford Motor Company has filed a patent for an airbag surrounding seatback that could be used in future Ford vehicles, Ford Authority has learned.

The patent was filed on June 30th, 2022, published on December 19th, 2023, and assigned serial number 11845392.

Ford Patent Airbag Surrounding Seatback

The Ford Authority Take

Ford has filed a rather large number of airbag-related patents in recent months, including ideas for a full seatback airbag system, a seat bottom mounted airbag that protects pets, a seatback supported airbag system, a seatback-mounted overhead airbag, a reclined vehicle occupant airbag, and a seat bottom-mounted airbag system, to name just a few. Now, that trend continues with this new patent filing for an airbag surrounding seatback that could be used in future Ford vehicles, too.

Ford Patent Airbag Surrounding Seatback

In this case, Ford imagines using the roof rail portion of the interior of a vehicle to support an airbag that’s mounted in the back of the front seats. In the event that a crash is imminent, the airbag would deploy from the roof rail around the side of the seat, wrapping around the rear, and over to the other side, providing a good bit of protection for the driver or passenger.

Ford Patent Airbag Surrounding Seatback

The concept behind this patent is otherwise identical to the aforementioned filings – the aim here is to provide better occupant protection in the event that a collision occurs. Airbags have thus far proven to be useful ways to do precisely that, which is why automakers continue to add more and more of them to new vehicles. Given the fact that Ford has filed so many airbag-related patents over the past couple of years, it stands to reason that this trend is nowhere near over, either.

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