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Future Ford Vehicles Could Get Geofencing Restriction System

Ford Motor Company has filed a patent for a geofencing restriction system that could be used in future Ford vehicles, Ford Authority has learned.

The patent was filed on May 12th, 2021, published on November 28th, 2023, and assigned serial number 11830366.

The Ford Authority Take

Along with filing patents for ideas such as a curfew enforcement system and a neighboring vehicle security system that would utilize geofencing – a virtual perimeter for a real-world geographic area – Ford also launched a geofencing trial program in Europe back in May 2022 that aims to improve safety by automatically slowing vehicles down in areas where the speed limit drops. Now, this newly filed patent continues to discover possible ways to use this technology by introducing an idea for a geofencing restriction system that could be used in future Ford vehicles, too.

Ford Patent Geofencing Restriction System

As Ford points out in this patent filing, it can dangerous for pedestrians to gather in areas where motor vehicles are present, particularly when people gather in large crowds, as vehicle-on-pedestrian crashes can lead to severe injuries or far worse. The chances of these types of accidents increases in smaller spaces such as crowded city streets, which is precisely what inspired the automaker to come up with a way to help prevent them from happening by using geofencing.

Ford Patent Geofencing Restriction System

The system outlined in this patent could prevent vehicles from driving into crowds of people by establishing geofences around those crowds, which it could determine the presence of based on the number of devices – such as smartphones – that are present in one congested area. If the system detects that a vehicle is heading toward that area at a higher than normal rate of speed or if it’s getting too close, the system would be able to slow or stop the vehicle, preventing a collision from happening. Given the rise of interest in geofencing and this type of accident (intentional or otherwise) in recent years, it seems likely that such a system could be used in future Ford vehicles.

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  1. Julius Rosen

    Another reason to keep my old car

  2. Joe

    I guess I’m keeping my 15 year old Ranger for forever after all

  3. Greg

    Great safety update. With luck, it can be rolled out to cars that are capable.

  4. Michael Baron

    Knowing Ford, it’ll lock the brakes up when trying to pass a bus on the freeway.

  5. Andrew

    This would be great if somebody gets stuck in a violent protest while peacefully navigating the roads and a bunch of violent thugs surround their car and they can’t get away. Great idea.
    Also, it means that instead of blocking roads, protesters could just bring multiple phones to stop vehicles against peoples’ will. Yeah, not such a hot idea. Keeping driver autonomy is paramount.


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