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Here’s What We Expect From Ford In 2024

While the curtains begin to close on 2023, it’s clear that this was an important year for Ford. It faced major headwinds related to its EV pivot, with a price war greatly impacting demand for its electric vehicle lineup, which prompted the company to delay investments on its second generation projects. It introduced a number of new products, like the 2024 Ford F-150 and 2024 Lincoln Nautilus. And it faced a historic strike from the UAW, which secured major gains from the company and the rest of the Detroit Three. But 2024 will also likely represent a pivotal year for the company as well, given its product cadence and a very important anniversary. Here’s what we think we can expect from The Blue Oval next year.

2024 Ford Kuga ST-Line

Refreshed Ford Kuga And Ford Puma For Europe

Although a refreshed Ford Kuga was already introduced for Argentina several months ago, we have yet to see what is in store for the European variant of the compact crossover beyond some sightings of the upcoming model out testing. In all likelihood, the European Kuga will receive the same set of updates already introduced on the 2023 Ford Escape – its near-identical twin. Therefore, it is likely to swap out Sync 3 for Sync 4, and add a 360-degree camera system. The company may opt to make the PHEV more widely available given its status as the best-selling plug-in hybrid in Europe, but otherwise it will probably retain the same powertrain lineup it also utilizes.

Ford Puma EV

Similar to the Kuga, a refreshed Ford Puma will also be introduced in 2024, as the subcompact crossover is overdue for a technical update. Once again, updates will likely be more rational than revolutionary, with the adoption of Sync 4 across the lineup and some new safety tech as well. The Puma has performed well in Europe since its introduction, so the automaker will likely refrain from making any major changes to the crossover that could impact its popularity. Although a fully electric variant is on its way and may arrive alongside the refreshed lineup.

Significant Ford Explorer News

It’s now a poorly kept secret that the 2025 Ford Explorer will represent the nameplate’s first substantial update since the current generation’s debut in 2019. This mid-cycle action action will introduce new styling front and back and a thoroughly modernized interior to boot, perhaps with the company’s all-new Google-developed infotainment system. BlueCruise hands-free driving will also likely be available throughout the lineup. Aside from those changes, the Explorer will likely solider on with the standard 2.3L EcoBoost I4 and the optional 3.0L EcoBoost V6, as the company discontinued the hybrid variant for the 2024 model year.

Lexie Alford Ford Explorer EV Africa - Exterior 001 - Front Three Quarters

But there’s more Ford Explorer variants and models on the way as well. For Europe, the all-electric Ford Explorer will being rolling out to dealers in mid-2024. And there’s the potential public reveal of the upcoming Ford Explorer EV for North America, which definitely shares no relations with the VW-based two-row for Europe. Instead, it will likely be the first second generation Ford EV to debut, although it’s currently unclear if it will share anything with its three-row gasoline counterpart. Oakville Assembly will start building the all-electric three-row Explorer in 2025.

2025 Ford Expedition

Updated 2025 Ford Expedition

While it’s unclear if the 2025 Ford Expedition represents a refresh or a complete redesign, it is apparent that the full-size SUV will receive substantial updates to its exterior and interior. Expect all-new looks and a redesigned interior so the SUV can better compete with the GM SUV lineup, which received significant redesigns several years ago. As the UAW contract revealed, the 2025 Ford Expedition may even receive a hybrid variant, as one is slated to arrive by 2028 at the very latest.

Refreshed 2025 Ford Bronco Sport

With the 2024 Ford Bronco Sport thoroughly revealed, it’s apparent that the 2025 Ford Bronco Sport will represent the first refresh for the compact SUV, which debuted in 2020 as a 2021 model year vehicle. Like other Ford Motor Company refreshes expected to debut in 2024, the updated Bronco Sport will almost certainly ditch Sync 3 for Sync 4. In fact, expect it to adopt the 13.2-inch infotainment system, 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster, and 360-degree camera that are already a part of the Ford Escape lineup. Beyond that, it looks like the Sport may get a beefed up Badlands model or an entirely new variant, based on recent sightings. Previous reports suggest it will get a hybrid powertrain in 2024 too, potentially for the 2025 refresh.

Significant Ford Maverick News

At the very least, a refreshed 2025 Ford Maverick will debut next year. It will almost certainly adopt the aforementioned technological updates that the Bronco Sport is expected to gain, given both utilize the same platform and are produced alongside each other at the Hermosillo Assembly plant. But there’s also the possibly that the 2024 Ford Maverick will receive some updates to its lineup as well. Previous sightings suggest some type of model with a lowered suspension might be revealed before the refresh, potentially called Lobo.

Widespread 2024 Ford Ranger Availability

While the 2024 Ford Ranger debuted this year, production of the all-new midsize for the North American market has remained scant. A protracted ramp-up isn’t out of the ordinary for a new model, but the rollout was likely hampered by the UAW strike, which shuttered the Michigan Assembly plant from mid-September through the final days of October. By 2025, the pickup will likely be a common presence on dealer lots in the United States, along with the Raptor.

Ford Mustang 60th Anniversary Celebration

On April 17th 1964, Ford Motor Company debuted the original Ford Mustang at the 1964 World’s Fair in New York City. While there are no more World’s Fair events anymore, the company will almost certainly celebrate six decades of Mustang in the Big Apple and beyond. Aside the recently revealed 2024 Ford Mustang California Special, a 60th anniversary edition is practically guaranteed, and the automaker may have more surprises in store for the pony car as well.

2023 Ford Bronco Badlands Europe - Exterior 004 - Front Three Quarters

And that’s essentially what we expect to see from Ford in 2024. Naturally, there will likely be some curveballs we didn’t expect and some reveals that may arrive but are too far out at this point for us to speculate about, like a potential refresh of the Ford Bronco. In any event, stay tuned for our coverage on what we expect from Lincoln in 2024, which will be published tomorrow.

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  1. ken lichtig

    Not new for 2024. More Ford Recalls for 2024

    1. David Schultz

      Was but true! Not impressed with Farley.

  2. Thomas

    I can’t believe it, another year of stagnation.
    The new models look like museum cars.
    No style. Ford, what’s wrong with you? You need new visions because the current ones have burned out

  3. Thomas

    Ford, when will I see the new Mondeo in Europe?
    We don’t want a Bronco here because it looks so pathetic it’s a shame
    Why doesn’t Europe have Edge?

  4. Kevin

    Both those explorers don’t represent the name

  5. Materialman

    Will they ever get any Mavericks or Rangers on the dealers lots?

  6. Lloyd Greer

    I own a Maverick-2023 Larit –and I bought it all –But it doesn’t have a Home link system for the garage door opener—WHY!! and it is most inconvenient not too have one!! a top of the line car and Ford went Cheap Skate on the top of the line package !!!—can we get and add on system?–Ford goof again big time!! –Lloyd—AZ

    1. Barry

      You can install one from the 2020-2022 Escape Titanium. I did it on my old Bronco Sport (Maverick stablemate) and it looks and feels 100% stock.

  7. cj

    Expect all the recalls and tsbs to long as Ford continues its problematic Ecoboost engines around… us a choice in the engine dept ,,,not all us need the extra power….and problems….much rather have a lower power…simple non turbo engine …and will pay extra to get it….

  8. Ks

    I just want the Everest to come to the US.

  9. BillyR

    Waiting for a real Thunderbird 4-seater based off the Mustang, please. With real Thunderbird style and not the SUV look.

  10. LarryT

    How about a Mustang based off the Maverick? Would make sense to offer a Mavstang. People don’t want one but invest the dollars anyways to justify the Mustang name. Then turn the truck into a super luxury long wheelbase Thunderbird.


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