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Production Of Ford Mustang Rival Dodge Challenger Ends Today

The all-new S650 generation Ford Mustang just launched a few months ago, and as Ford Authority previously reported, will continue to be produced at the Flat Rock Assembly plant at least until April 2028 – which is when the new UAW contract with the automaker is set to expire. The same cannot be said of the pony car’s rivals, however, as production of the sixth-generation Chevy Camaro just ended with no successor yet announced, while the Dodge Challenger will live on in some capacity, though it’s somewhat in the same boat. Now, production of the current-gen Dodge Challenger has officially ended, according to Automotive News Canada.

The current-gen Dodge Challenger has been in production at the automaker’s Brampton, Ontario plant since 2005, where it’s built alongside the Chrysler 300 and Dodge Charger. However, production of all three of those models is ending today, bringing that rather long run to a conclusion, even as the Charger and Challenger, specifically, continue to perform well in terms of sales and profitability for parent company Stellantis.

With this change, Stellantis is also bidding farewell to its Brampton plant for a while – which will transition to building electrified vehicles in a couple of years – as the next generation of the as-yet-unnamed Dodge muscle cars will take place at the nearby Windsor Assembly plant. It’s unclear what those models may be named, what they might look like, or what might power them, but some recent reports did provide a little clarity on that situation.

In addition to an all-electric Dodge muscle car, the brand is also reportedly working on an ICE version of that same model, albeit one powered by the relatively new, twin-turbocharged 3.0L I-6 Hurricane engine – not a V8 of some sort, it seems.

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  1. John

    The Challenger, Charger, and Camaro leaving are sad times, along with the vast reduction of the V8. The automotive hobby gets worse by the day.

  2. JE

    But the new EV Challenger, already shown in different publications, is and looks far better than the Mach-E.

    1. William

      Right when consumers are realizing they don’t really want or can afford an EV.

    2. John

      That’s not saying much. The Mach E is an old woman’s CR-V clone, it should have NEVER had the Mustang name slapped on it.

      1. Ford Owner

        Ford owns the Mustang name since 1963. Remember the Pinto-base 4 cylinder Mustang II of 1974? So, unless you are a Ford family member, you have no say to what car Ford puts the Mustang namd on!

    3. Mackie

      Vaporware bench racing now?

  3. Jeb

    Mustang 2
    Challenger 0
    camaro 0


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