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Watch Frankie Muniz And Vaughn Gittin Jr. Train Santa: Video

Shortly after debuting the latest version of the Ford Supervan and rocketing the EV demonstrator up Pikes Peak, The Blue Oval actually abandoned its trademark for that particular moniker in October, though it did follow that up by filing a trademark for “Ultravan” instead. Regardless, it hasn’t abandoned the Supervan itself, which just made another appearance in a new video from Ford called “Santa’s Training Camp,” which also features Ford racer and RTR creator Vaughn Gittin Jr. along with actor and ARCA driver Frankie Muniz.

Frankie Muniz And Vaughn Gittin Jr. Train Santa Ford Supervan - Exterior 001 - Front Three Quarters

In this humorous spot, we learn that Santa has apparently been heading to Ford’s testing facilities every few years or so to renew his “holiday delivery license,” or HDL. Apparently, keeping that made-up item valid requires crawling under holiday lights, military style, as well as using Ford’s Pro Power Onboard feature to light them up once he completes that task – and that’s only the beginning.

Muniz quite literally yells at Santa and encourages him to speed up his various tasks, as he’s apparently been moonlighting as a delivery coach at the camp for a decade to this point. Pretty much everything Santa has to do to keep his HDL current involves a vehicle from Ford’s stable, with his next task consisting of tossing presents into chimneys from the window of a drifting Mustang before Santa hits the weight room to beef up.

The final test proves to be the most difficult, however, as Santa must race Vaughn Gittin Jr. around the facility – and the competition here isn’t exactly fair. While Santa is stuck driving a Mustang Mach-E, Gittin Jr. gets to drive the Supervan, which is packing 2,000 electric horsepower. Regardless, Ford still granted Santa his HDL regardless, as well as the Supervan, which should help him deliver presents a bit faster this Christmas.

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