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2015 Ford Focus Didn’t Need Its Clutches Swapped: Video

The saga of one 2015 Ford Focus owned by the girlfriend of YouTuber John Ross from the channel WatchJRGo is a long and winding one to this point, largely due to the fact that the sub-70k-mile car is equipped with the troublesome Powershift transmission. Ford Authority has covered The Blue Oval’s Powershift woes in great detail over the years – a gearbox present in some 2011-2016 Ford Fiesta and 2012-2016 Ford Focus models – which has become the subject of numerous lawsuits as customers face extended repair delays stemming from the chip shortage. Ford recently offered owners a one-time Transmission Control Module (TCM) replacement to rectify this problem, though it denied Ross’ warranty claim and told him his clutches were faulty, after which he replaced those parts himself – to no avail. Now, Ross has discovered that he completed all of that work unnecessarily as well, which is quite frustrating, we would imagine.

2015 Ford Focus Powershift Transmission Clutch TCM Replacement

Ross took his Ford Focus to the dealership after it threw a P0902 Clutch Actuator A code and demonstrated the familiar signs of TCM failure. The dealer told him that the TCM wasn’t in fact defective, however, and instead informed him that the clutches were solely to blame – though as we learned in the last video, replacing those parts did precisely nothing to help the car shift properly.

Turns out, there’s a good reason for that – the original clutches were in perfectly fine condition. Ross even went so far as to ensure that he installed the new pieces correctly and triple checked his work, but to no avail. Making matters worse, the original clutches looked to be in pretty fantastic shape when he removed them and inspected them.

As one might imagine, Ross is beyond frustrated with the entire process, mostly because both Ford and his local dealership denied his TCM warranty claim and instead pointed to the clutches as the culprit here. Now, he’s simply asking for both to fix the true cause of the issue, though it remains to be see if that will happen or not.

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    The Ford powersh!t transmission was how they told consumers to buy more trucks in America. What a shame.


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