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2023 Ford Super Duty: What Do You Want To See Changed Or Improved?

The 2023 Ford Super Duty launched last year as a fully redesigned model with revised styling inside and out, a revamped engine lineup, and plenty of new tech features aimed at keeping the larger F-Series pickup at the top of the sales charts. However, as is typically the case with any vehicle (or pretty much any type of consumer product out there), there are some areas for improvement, as well as the potential to make the 2023 Ford Super Duty a bit better or more useful than it already is. And that had us wondering – what would our readers like to see changed or improved?

On the outside, the 2023 Ford Super Duty takes more of an evolutionary approach than a revolutionary one, which is understandable given the truck’s enduring popularity, but it might also leave some pining for more. Customers can choose from seven front grille designs depending on trim and configuration, while FoMoCo’s signature “C-clamp” headlights align with the rest of the automaker’s truck lineup.

Inside the cabin, the 2023 Super Duty features a host of changes as well, with a single binnacle design and either a standard 8-inch touchscreen for the XL or a 12-inch display that’s standard on higher trims, a customizable 12-inch digital instrument cluster, an available wireless charging pad, four USB ports, Max Recline Seats, and an eight-speaker B&O sound system or optional 18-speaker B&O Unleashed system.

In terms of powertrains, the big news for the 2023 Ford Super Duty is the addition of the brand new 6.8L V8 as the model’s standard powerplant – a detail that Ford Authority was the first to report. In addition to this new offering, a more powerful version of the 7.3L V8 Godzilla, the 6.7L V8 Power Stroke diesel, and a new high-output version of the Power Stroke that features a unique turbo, tune, and upgraded exhaust manifolds have joined the lineup as well. All of these engines are mated to the 10-speed automatic transmission, while four-wheel drive is standard on all XLT trimmed trucks and above. Finally, Pro Power Onboard offers up to 2.0 kW of portable power.

All of these changes have helped the 2023 Ford Super Duty remain immensely popular with truck buyers, but it stands to reason that there are some things that at least a few folks would like to change or improve. And that’s precisely why we want to hear from you – tell us what you’d like to see from the latest version of the Super Duty by sounding off in the comments section below!

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  1. rangerdanger

    Make bed step optional

    1. Robert jung

      how about powerboost plug in option

    2. Duane Juhl

      Agree completely. The steps make a nice looking pickup look more like a work truck.

  2. BackwoodsNC

    Power boost 7.3 HEV would be an instant buy for me.

    1. Charlie

      Right there with you!!! Take the twin turbo from the navigator (my uncles ext Navigator gets 20-21mpg Hwy and 17+ city) add 75-100hp elec motors at all 4 wheels as a hybrid system that could function fully independently in case of issue with elec sys or ICE sys (thus no single point of failure) and I could sell 100K of them for Ford. I’d buy the first one. Well that and get rid of those ugly ass grills.

  3. R Stokes

    Have a 2018 now. Would like to see a wireless charger large enough to charge the largest iPhones. Would also like to see the transmission manual gear selection moved to paddles on the steering column.

    1. hyracer

      Make that a retro-fit kit for the 2020-2023 as well!

  4. Robert Waite

    Make those bedside steps optional and offer the standard engine beyond XL.

  5. Ryan

    I would like my selectable display to remain on the last selection I made each time I start the engine. Currently, it returns to the top of the menu every time I turn the engine off.

    1. Dennis Dow

      That is one of my complaints too. It could be fixed with a softwear update so easy too.

    2. Robert Smith

      I agree 100%. I would add to that keep the last option (towing, eco, etc.)

  6. Jeffrey VanDerMillen

    I ordered a 2024 Lariat F350 in November.
    However I was unable to order certain packages with a camper package. I was unable to order a chrome package because I had a camper package. I was unable to get deployable running boards or 20″ wheels.
    I was only able to get one color for the interior, but the XLT had optional leather in two colors.
    Maybe I’m asking too much. I suppose I initially thought I could have what I wanted if I was willing to pay.

    1. Tony

      I also agree. Would like to have the camel/tan interior color. And why did they delete the color match mirror caps on the Lariat 2024? Lastly the hood contour needs major redesign. The groves on each side on top hold standing water. What idiot approved that?

  7. Leo

    1. Make the LED tailights standard on Lariat and up trims (PLEASE! You can’t have a King Ranch with incandescent bulbs that is ridiculous!!) , as well as the projector headlights in a special package for lower trims.
    2. Ventilated seats in the rear
    3. Make a value trim/package that is affordable with a few creature comforts (like leather seats on an XLT).
    4. Ditch the 8” screen and stick with the large screen across all models.
    5. A better final gear ratio for the diesel and H.O. diesel
    That is all I want.

    1. Lance

      What do you mean better final gear ratio?

  8. John C

    Make the Black-Out appearance package available on the Platinum series as well as the tailgate cover plate black like the Raptor F150.

    Optional side step, the current model looks like a Chevy.

    1. Riley

      Agreed on the side step

  9. Mark Escobedo

    Ditch the bed step altogether

  10. wjtinfwb

    Tremor pkg. available on Supercab models, not just the Crew Cab.

  11. Otto Schulte

    For the XLT, make the convex mirrors tighter, make rubber mats bigger, put in dash mounted cup holders and fix the quirks with the instrument panel. Oh, even though I love my truck it is honestly ugly.

  12. Bill Pearce

    I would just like to see my truck. Ordered f350 platinum november 2022. No one can explain why it has not been produced. Dealer says it is a clean order. Customer service does not have an answer. I know 2024 models are being produced. Supposedly there has been over 700,000 2023 super duties produces. Where are they. Just completed two 2000 trips around the midwest. I saw a total of two 2023 on the road. Hard to believe there are not more on the road.

    1. Dave

      Yes insted of worrying about adding options maybe just worry about filling the orders. I have a F350 Limited on order since Feb 2022

  13. Shane R Pomerenke

    Get rid of the side bed step, totally ruins the look of the truck.

  14. Joe

    Go back to 2022 packages availability when ordering special orders. In 2023 these changed dramatically not allowing options without specific other unwanted options. Example no chrome pkg. Available in a xlt in 2023.

  15. Bdh

    How about the small blind spot mirror be able to be electronically.

  16. Tim

    Get rid of the bed steps or at the very least make them an option.

    1. Riley

      Absolutely right

  17. Tony

    On the 2023 Lariat the mirror caps are color matched. They deleted that on the 2024 models. Why? Also the interior should go back to two color options. Camel/Tan has been deleted. Why? Next, The hood is a bad design. It holds standing water it the two groves on top. Why?

  18. Gary Carter

    Would like the extended running boards back!

    1. Duane Juhl

      Agree. Get rid of the box side steps and offer extended running boards

  19. Graham

    Option a transfer case that will allow 4wd on hard surfaces.
    That is being able to select “auto” 4×4.
    With the power available with all engine combinations there is sufficient power to readily wheel spin on any surface when towing. Towing is what we buy these things for.

  20. wj

    Change that grille…..

  21. Antonius Van Egmond


  22. John

    Bring back the headrest speakers!!!!!!! Offer something like the Night Edition package that Ram does, give us a mean looking hood with all blacked out accents. Offer more Kw’s for the Pro Power system.

  23. G.Solewin

    Fix the damn A/C’s 😑 I’ve had two work trucks’ A/C’s go out in the last three months. Kind of ridiculous these things have 15,000 miles, and the compressors are failing. Also, ditch the step bed, it’s ugly as hell, and nobody needs it.

  24. Caywood

    1) Offer a smaller V-8 gas engine in the F250 and do not restrict that choice by trim level. 2) Make the bed steps an option (the bumper steps can stay as is). 3) Offer vinyl seats in the lower trim levels. 4) Allow the 40/20/40 outboard seats to recline flat. 5) Offer 4 wheel steering. I know that may be complicated / pricey, but think of the advantage in tight spots, especially in crew cabs and/or 8′ long beds. 6) Offer a six cylinder diesel. Call it PowerStroke 6 and the current versions PowerStroke 8 and 8HO.

  25. Joe

    Own a 2023 F350 King Ranch. Suggestions:
    * LED tail lights
    * Option for larger fuel tank for 6 3/4 ft bed
    * Auto 4 WD

  26. R. Fligg

    I disagree with the recommendation to ditch the 8” infotainment screen. Being of a certain age, the bigger screens strike me as really obnoxious. The big 3 seem to be in a race to have the biggest screen. Is this really what customers want? My 2017 F250 has just the right sized screen. To me the bigger screens offer more distractions that really impair safe operation of the vehicle.

    1. Otto Schulte

      I agree

  27. Mike

    My 2023 dash screen trip 1 and trip 2 randomly zeros out the mpg and distance to empty and never goes back. You can’t keep tract of any trips. Software fix?

    1. Otto Schulte


  28. Michael Law Cobb

    1) allow for tire pressure checks while the car is in motion.
    2) Improve Alexis voice integration and application control. Improve Bluetooth connectivity to allow for VPN connectivity when using CarPlay.
    3) get rid of the horribly ugly tailgate placards on the upper trim levels.
    4) make rocker panels an option
    5) reduce need for dealer installation of aftermarket parts.

  29. Greg

    Please please make those ugly bed and bumper steps optional!

  30. paul

    a 10 spd tranny that will shift 123 instead of 1st to 3rd all the time

  31. Richard

    Add a delete rear seat option for crew cab. My dog kennel is always behind the driver and the seat will never be used. Let the driver control which camera is displayed instead of the gear shift. Provide a way to deactivate the horn button on the key FOB. The designer obviously never parked the truck, closed the door quietly and then slipped off to his deer stand only to have the woods light up with flashing lights and have the horn blaring when he drops the FOB in his pocket. Get rid of the rear parking aid annoying audio tone when the tail gate is down to hook up the fifth wheel. I have two cameras that let me know just fine without having my ears blasted out. I know you can shut it off but if you push the wrong button you have to put it in park, shut the engine off and restart to get another chance. What a pain in the ass. Stupid Stupid Stupid!

  32. Caywood

    1) Offer a smaller V-8 gas engine in the F250 and do not restrict that choice by trim level. 2) Make the bed side steps optional. 3) Offer 40/20/40 vinyl seats in the lower trim levels. 4) Allow the 40/20/40 outboard seats to recline flat. 5) Offer 4 wheel steering. 6) Offer a six cylinder diesel. Call it PowerStroke 6 and the current versions PowerStroke 8 and 8HO.

  33. Jerome Lanfair

    Bring back speakers 🔊 in the head rest ,🔑 keyless enter, carmel/tan on the limited, 24″, wheels package, air suspension design by Fox shocks,projector led lights on lariat on up and leds all away around including fog lights, heated wipers, 2nd, and 3rd row heating and cooling seats ,screen on the passenger side like grand wagoneer ,and soft close doors 🚪. The Raptor suspension would be a start. You’re all ready #1, let’s stay there now and forever. Hope my list wasn’t too long. Work for Ford back in the 1960’s made God’s Blessings 🙏 be on Ford Motor Company and the Ford Family 👪. Take care and good 👍 luck.

  34. Lance

    Add a hybrid powertrain option. would improve drivability and improve acceleration and braking from the electric motor. My Tesla that I do not baby at all made it 160,000 miles on the first set of brake pads. My superduty needs them every 40-50K it seems especially when towing big.

  35. James

    Make the price reasonable.

  36. Dwayne D

    Just reduce price and make more line item options. F series is number 1 and a big part of that has been options.

  37. Stephen K

    6.8 available on higher trims.
    Auto climate control should be standard on XLT
    I would like my selectable display to remain on the last selection I made each time I start the engine. Currently, it returns to the top of the menu every time I turn the engine off.
    Accessories should be available shortly after a redesign, not a year later.
    Why change grill with different trims. All trims should have same grill for model year. KISS (keep it simple stupid) less costs.

  38. Chas sexton

    Bring the manual back autos are for p#ssies

  39. Robert

    Bring back the velocity blue. Can’t stand the current antimatter blue it looks black.

  40. Ford Truck Guy

    The plastic steps on the bed really cheapen the look. I am not a fan of the bumper steps either. I do like the motor options.

  41. Shane Hartzell

    Only 2 things I wish were different on my 23 F450 KR HO.
    The big one is, offer higher gearing. They only come with 4.30 gears, which puts me at 2100 rpm at 70 mph and mileage absolutely sucks at that rpm. With a 10 speed trans, i can select the gear needed for the load, so why so low? Putting in 3.50 gearing range would sure help. My truck has 1600 miles and I’m already in the process of changing gears myself, just to make it more efficient.
    The other item, which makes no sense, is when the tailgate is open, the tailgate is higher than the bed???
    Not much, just over 1/4″, but you can’t slide some out of the box, without picking it up on the tailgate first. I have already dinged up my gate, not realizing this first and that makes me not very happy. It seems like someone’s over sight, but how could someone miss that. If Ford would cover the whole tailgate with spray bedliner, it wouldn’t be quite so bad, but they start at the highest point (ar bottom), so whatever you slide out hits a painted unprotected surface first.
    I can only scratch my head and wonder.

  42. Gary Cotner

    Put the 6.8 in the xlt and add a few color choices(real colors) not just more shades of grays

  43. Darrell

    Better fuel mileage

  44. Shane Hartzell

    When tailgate is open, it’s higher than the bed. You can’t slide things out box, onto tailgate, without picking up at least 1/4″. My new truck is already dinged from this.
    Next, my F450 only comes with 4.30 gears, which results in 2100 rpms at 70 mph. No reason for this as the HO has plenty of power, and leaves me with mileage that truly sucks, even with no load.

  45. Shelbykl

    1. make the top headlights as an option on all trims so we all can see at night.
    2. make the top radio 18 speaker setup as a option on all trims.
    3. This is for the F150 time to upgrade the ecoboost engines with dodge coming out with a 500+ horsepower in line 6
    4. also for the F150, time to bring back the in line 6 which would make for a smoother and better sounding drivetrain.
    5. work on your seat comfort Ford you use to have the most comfortable seats in the industry 2019 Ranger seats our perfect.
    6. switch to the GM front end or fix the steering on the new heavy duties.
    7. Come out with a comfort or touring suspension option, not all us need max towing just want a good ride with towing capabilties.
    8. work on the torgue management on the HO it pauses sometime when you need power like it is doing nothing and you can see it on TFL fast lane truck in the rolling race.
    9. quit using such slow cpu’s in your sync systems do you really think the customer loves a slow laggy system.

  46. Aaron C

    Bring back Active Steering and allow axle gear ratios to be changed from 4.30 on F450.

  47. Joe

    Bring back the 6.2 v8, change the front end new ones are awful, remove bed and bumper steps, bring back the 6 speed transmission something that was reliable and worked.

  48. Russell Houberg

    I have a 2022 Lariat 7.3 that I LOVE! But I would happily trade up if you add a twin turbo and make that Godzilla a fire breather! This would allow me to take a more fuel efficient rear end (for every day use) and still have all the power I need for pulling my fifth wheel! Also, is there some suspension tech out there that can service strong maximum payload (4000+) without rattling the fillings out of my teeth?

  49. Sara Rook

    Fix the high pressure fuel pump on the powerstroke. The rest of the truck is worth nothing if the superduty isn’t trust worthy. Either cover the costs of repair 100% for one million miles, or take the truck back and refund the full cost to the customer. Many of us can’t afford another car payment just to fix it. Put something in place to protect the engine when the pump decides to fail. This piece of garbage bosh fuel pump continues to be a large weak spot in the truck. FIX IT.

  50. Robert Smith

    Improve the vague steering. The steering feels like you have to correct it all the time.

  51. Scott

    Do away with the GM side bed steps. Bring back Atlas Blue color and bring back manual transfer case.

  52. Pete Bobenrieth

    Lose the bed steps.
    Bring back options when ordering instead of forcing expensive packages.

  53. Kevin

    Build the trucks that have been on ordered l have had one order over three years king ranch 350 dealer said it may not get built.

  54. rapturd

    People not getting ordered trucks might be more of a dealer problem. Not enough allocation and or incompetence

  55. Justin

    The seat bottom shrunk in 2023. My 2021 super duty seat is 3 inches wider at the bottom. The 23 seats put a lot of inward pressure on my hips and legs causing wrestles leg syndrome.

  56. Gary

    I would like to see independent front suspension on the F250’s and F350’s and all the rest stay the same with the straight axle. Put torsion differentials in all 4×4’s front and rear. Auto 4 transfer cases available in all 4×4’s, half tons and super duties. Dual exhaust pipes out through the rear bumpers.

  57. Richard

    Option to delete rear seating in crew cab.
    Option to deactivate horn button on key FOB.
    Option to permantly silence the audible alarm on the rear parking aid when the tailgate is down.
    Take control of camera view away from the gear shift lever and give it to the driver.

  58. Jason

    Make bed step and bumper step optional.

  59. Dantatreau

    I would like to see a hood scoop on the Super Duty, something like the 69 Mustang and Torino had. Also I ordered my 23 F250,payed a ton of money for it and couldn’t get dual tail pipes?

  60. Steve

    Make the bed and bumper steps optional. The fold down ones are more useful anyways. Keeping my 22 for a while longer with the hopes of optional steps as I hate the look and the tire works just fine for me.

  61. Reid

    Give the king ranch more premium options like LED tails and projector headlights. As well give us a 15” screen option like the expedition. As well update the software, a lot of glitches in my platinum so far.

  62. James

    1. Bed steps and bumper steps need to be optional.
    2. The new head lights and grill need to be changed, the front end looks to round now.
    3. Bring down the prices.
    4. Make every trim as customizable as possible.

  63. Rick

    Have engine light give code #. Rear seat fold flat into bed/bench.

  64. Eternalwinter

    Glad to see some comments get posted but not all. Guess you have to be special for your comment to get through…

  65. Ron

    Don’t make me upgrade to a much more expensive package just to get the 7.3. The way I prefer mine is all vinyl interior crew cab 8’ bed. Since I don’t tow every day the diesel is not needed but the Godzilla would fit the bill- but not for the extra package required to include it

  66. TomK

    Tremor package available with the 8 foot bed!

  67. Randy

    Put the 3.5L EcoBoost in any trim level 3/4 ton. I’d by one tomorrow.
    Put the best headlight in all trim level trucks, poor lighting is hazardous.
    Self leveling headlights.

  68. James

    I would like to see Ford get rid of those useless and ridiculous looking bed and bumper steps. The body lines have been ruined by the addition of these bed and bumper steps. Also, the front headlamps need to be smaller.


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