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2024 Ford Edge Production Will End In Late April

Production of the 2024 Ford Edge began at the Oakville Assembly plant in Canada on July 17th, 2023, ushering in the beginning of the end for that particular model, as it’s set to be discontinued in its current form once the 2024 model year ends. However, prior reports indicated that 2024 Ford Edge production would end relatively early in the year – as soon as March, in fact. Now, that’s seemingly no longer the case, as production of the 2024 Ford Edge at Oakville is now slated to run through late April, according to Automotive News Canada.

Unifor Plant Chair Marc Brennan has confirmed that 2024 Ford Edge production is now scheduled to end on April 26th, also noting that there is currently no downtime planned for the plant between now and that date. This is notable because Edge production has seen multiple pauses over the past few months, including the first two weeks of January, when plant workers were on layoff to kick off the year. As Ford Authority reported last week, Edge production was down sharply in December, too.

As Ford Authority previously reported, the Oakville plant is set to be retooled for production of the forthcoming Ford Explorer EV and Lincoln Aviator EV, which are expected to be the only two models produced there moving forward. In the meantime, an all-new Edge debuted in China last year, while the redesigned 2024 Lincoln Nautilus is now being built at the Changan Ford Hangzhou Assembly plant in that same country. Production of the outgoing Nautilus ended at Oakville last month, leaving the Edge as its sole product for now.

Unifor Negotiations Oakville Assembly Plant

As one might expect for a vehicle currently in its final model year of production, the 2024 Ford Edge carried over completely unchanged from 2023, as Ford Authority reported last May, and it hasn’t been treated to new color options, features, or trims.

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  1. Tom

    I had a ’17 Edge for a few years. It was my first Ford product. I took a chance on it, and it had been reliable, and the V6 was pretty potent for my needs. I liked the Edge and its platform enough that I just replaced it with a ’21 Nautilus with the 2.7TT. So I am kinda sad to see it wrapping up with no replacement.

    A two-row Explorer just wouldn’t be the same. And an EV? While sure we should go in that direction… I wonder if Ford is asking themselves how’s that working out for them so far.

  2. Mike

    Does Ford have plans for a plug in hybrid for the Aviator or explorer. My lease expires April 2025.

    1. Neil Morris

      The Aviator does already have a plug in hybrid. Has since it debuted. The grand touring is the plug in. Whenever you see it labeled as hybrid, that’s actually what it is. It uses the 3.0 twin turbo V6, but added together it certainly makes more than 400hp.

  3. carl

    Sad to see the Edge production end. It got extended. Maybe that shows that people still want the Ford Edge.

    1. Mary Frances Stahl

      We absolutely do love our 2015 Ford Edge.

  4. carl

    We had ordered a 2024 Edge ST and took delivery a few weeks ago and love it, just like the 2018 Edge Titanium before it.

  5. Rip Jones

    My 2022 Ford Edge will now join my 2008 Ford Explorer Sport Trac, in that both were prematurely discontinued by Ford. BOTH had good runs … RIP

    1. Hank

      My 2008 Ford Explorer Sport Trac was a favorite of mine. Just gave it up for 2020 Edge ST.
      WHY must the good ones be discontinued?

  6. Dan

    What is the last date to order a 2024 Edge from a dealer?

  7. HarleyRich

    Wouldn’t post my comments? & NO SWEAR WORDS
    just didn’t like wgphat i had yo say!!

    1. Clif Henrichsen

      Same here Absolute sellouts.

  8. Jim Bob

    Love the Edge.


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