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2024 Ford Maverick Production Decreased In December 2023

Though the Ford Maverick is already entering its third year of existence, demand continues to outstrip supply, even in spite of FoMoCo’s efforts to ramp up production. Those efforts did pay off through the duration of 2023, however, as Maverick production managed to steadily increase throughout the year for the most part, with a couple of dips in between. As Ford Authority previously reported, Ford Maverick production at the Hermosillo Assembly plant increased ever-so-slightly between October and November, but actually decreased in the month of December to close out the year, according to the automaker’s latest sales report.

After churning out 13,826 units of the Ford Maverick in November – 334 examples or around three percent more than October – The Blue Oval produced just 10,774 pickups in December, which represents a decrease of 3,052 units, or 22 percent, bringing the Maverick’s year-to-date production total to 123,786 units. Interestingly, production of the Ford Bronco Sport – which is also built at Hermosillo – increased from 10,950 units to 12,559 last month, as the crossover closed out 2023 at 160,635 units of production.

It is worth noting that full production of the 2024 Ford Maverick just commenced in November, though the automaker didn’t reveal any sort of issues that might have hampered that changeover, and it doesn’t seem as if production of the compact pickup is being impacted by supply chain issues, either.

Regardless, buyers will find some notable updates on the 2024 Maverick, which include the fact that the hybrid powertrain is no longer standard equipment, while the manual sliding rear window and windshield wiper de-icer have been deleted and the keyless entry keypad is now a dealer-installed option, changes that have been accompanied by a price increase across the lineup as well.

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  1. Blitz

    Just called my local Ford dealer who said the order banks for Maverick are open and if I ordered today I would have it in 8 to 10 weeks. That is nice because that tells me that we are getting closer to filling Ford lots with unsold Mavericks and then price comes down from sticker. No way I pay sticker for a Ford, that is just crazy stuff.

    1. Mike

      There is no way you will see a Maverick in 8-10 weeks…..

    2. Matt D

      Depending on trim level and drivetrain ordered, much closer to 8-10 months, not 8-10 weeks.

  2. Merlin

    when will we be able to order a 2025 Maverick, and will there be a 4 wd hybrid in 2025? thank you!!!

  3. Danny

    Yet they’re still sending out emails that the alleged “supply chain” problems are still causing delays in production…. been waiting since July….

  4. Betty Emma Stefani-Jones

    We have been waiting a year and a half went from a 2023 to 2024 and supposedly it is on it’s way to the dealer, we shall se.

  5. B

    I ordered one in 2022, had to reorder again in 2023, wad told I should receive in Feb 2024.

  6. Chris Kracheck

    Ford sent out a cash offer of 750.00 that expired on January 2,2024,but my truck won’t be in until February. I have been waiting since July. I was told by the dealer that they will not honor the discount even though it was their slow production that caused me to lose the cash offer. If they delivered a month earlier I could have had a $750. Discount. Ford does not care much for their lifelong customers.

    1. Matt D

      My offer expired, was made right in the end. Got a check in the mail. Don’t lose faith.

  7. Tom H

    I ordered a 2024 XL hybrid right after the order bank opened in June. Was told 5-8 months.

    Hopefully I’m getting close!

  8. joseph Mancuso

    many fords mavericks on long island three and four at dealers


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