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Biden Admin Announces Funds To Boost EV Charger Reliability

EV charger infrastructure in the U.S. – as well as the rest of the globe – has long been a hot button topic, as well as one of the largest barriers standing in the way of widespread all-electric vehicle adoption. It’s also a big part of the reason why Ford signed an agreement with Tesla granting its owners access to the latter’s expansive Supercharger network, too. Meanwhile, President Joe Biden’s administration has long been pushing to invest federal funds in EV charger expansion, as well as repair existing chargers. Now, the Biden Administration has announced that it’s earmarking even more funds to boost EV charger reliability in yet another round of investments in that regard.

The Departments of Transportation and Energy have announced a grand total of $325 million in new investments – spread across three programs – that aim to increase the reliability of publicly accessible chargers, advanced EV technologies, and support workforce development for EV charging deployment and maintenance.

This new funding for EV chargers is slated to be used to repair and replace existing, non-operational chargers across the country, as well as reduce costs for deploying charging in underserved communities and cut battery costs. These investments follow the $623 million in awards announced last week to deploy public charging in communities and fill gaps in the existing national network of EV chargers.

This latest investment brings the total for the under-construction U.S. EV charging network to $25 billion in funds that have at least been announced to date, including more than $10 billion coming from the private sector. As Ford Authority previously reported, numerous studies have found that the existing U.S. charging network leaves a lot to be desired, not only in terms of scope – but also, reliability, with many charging stations presenting owners with a difficult task when it comes to refueling on the road.

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  1. Michae

    1) Let the feds balance their checkbook before they dole out gratis.
    2) Keep the feds out of private industry – they are singularly the most inept population on the planet.

    1. geowar

      “Keep the feds out of private industry”. The dumbest statement I’ve read today. You’re clueless about how the world turns.

  2. I am, wright

    Once again the tax payer gets the shaft.

  3. StarLord

    5 billion spent so far and no chargers built yet after 2 years. They only have to build 400 chargers a day for the next 6 years to meet their goal.
    Biden is so stupid.

    1. Dave

      I wish more people would realize Biden is an idiot. All the democrats plans are smoke and mirrors. The EV push is a pipe dream!

  4. Tom

    Completely agree with both comments! We should be spending that money improving our electrical grid and hardening against EMP.

    1. Dave

      You mean actually put the horse in front of the cart??? What a concept. Leave private enterprise alone Big Government and the products will evolve at a fraction of the cost.

  5. George O

    Speaking of Tesla, where are the adapters for our 2023 Mach E that were promised so we can share those superchargers?

  6. hot toddy

    oh boy !! Another level of government on top of the ones that haven’t worked yet


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