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Flooded Ford Bronco Meets Its End Via Crusher: Video

The sixth-generation Ford Bronco arrived for the 2021 model year after that particular model was absent from this world for a cool quarter-century, much to the delight of fans across the globe. The new Ford Bronco continues that model’s tradition of being both rugged and tough, capable of standing up to quite a bit of abuse, which makes it perfect for off-roading. However, while we’ve seen the new Ford Bronco take quite a bit of abuse and keep on ticking in many cases, we’ve also seen some owners take things a bit too far and completely destroy them. Sadly, that was also the case with this flooded Ford Bronco, which we get to see meet its early end in this video recently posted to TikTok.

Ford Bronco Gets Crushed - Exterior 002 - Rear Three Quarters

Aside from the fact that it’s missing its wheels and tires, this poor four-door Ford Bronco looks just about as good as new on the outside – with shiny blue paint and a perfect hard top. However, it was reportedly flooded, which is usually a death knell for any vehicle, particularly newer ones chock full of electronics and technology features.

As such, this particular SUV is being crushed and completely destroyed, as the water damage it incurred was apparently too much to reverse so that someone could save it – though we’ve seen plenty of YouTubers do such things over the years. That quickly ends when the forklift pushes into the side to ensure that it’s entirely in the crusher, however.

@junkyardjeff1966 The crushing of a flooded Ford Bronco as part of pur contract. Per the contract we can never remove or sell anything from the vehicles. People alwats comment with the sillest things. 99.9% of it is false. #carcrushing #fordbronco #autorecycling #carsoftiktok #carcrusher #junkyardjeff #fyp #partwo ♬ Cumbia Buena – Grupo La Cumbia

From there, things get pretty painful as the Bronco is completely flattened – pancake style – on top of a couple of other lost vehicles. It’s a sad and truly premature end for a great vehicle, but unfortunately, it apparently wasn’t worth saving – at least to the owner and/or their insurance company.

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  1. Leo

    Still tons of usable parts should have been parted out.

    1. Jim

      The roof, for starters!
      Those take a year to get

  2. Bob

    @Leo: Agreed!


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