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Ford 8-Speed Automatic Fluid Service Looks Easy: Video

Along with a host of videos outlining useful information pertaining to Blue Oval engines, technician Brian Makuloco of the YouTube channel FordTechMakuloco has also provided us with some interesting transmission-related info, too. Thus far, that list includes a fatal flaw present in the 6R80 transmission and common leak points for that same gearbox, not to mention how to perform power transfer unit fluid changes. Now, Makuloco is back with another helpful video, this time outlining how to complete a fluid change service on the relatively newer Ford 8-speed automatic transmission.

Ford 8-Speed Automatic Transmission Fluid Service

This information pertains to the 8F35 gearbox, which is essentially just an 8-speed version of the older 6F35 transmission. Regardless, it seems as if the act of changing out the fluid in this particular gearbox is pretty easy and straightforward, and the fluid isn’t terribly expensive either, making this a reasonable job that only needs to be completed every 30,000 miles, as Makuloco points out.

In terms of the things one needs for this particular job, Makuloco recommends using five quarts of Motorcraft Mercon ULV transmission fluid and a transmission tunnel of some sort. A torque wrench is also highly recommended, as the drain plug on this transmission should be torqued to 124 inch-pounds, while the leveling plug should be torqued to 26 foot-pounds.

To access these plugs and complete this job, one needs to remove the underbody shield and the drain plug, allowing all of the old fluid to flow out. The leveling plug contains directions on how to ensure that the fluid is at the right level – as one might imagine – and from there, one simply refills the transmission with fresh fluid. As Makuloco points out in the video, these transmissions contain a filter that isn’t serviceable, so performing this job every 30k miles will ensure that one gets maximum life out of it, saving quite a bit of money on labor in the process.

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  1. G O PEE

    Im pretty sure my 6r80 bulkhead connector just sprung a leak

  2. Ford Owner

    My Fusion is a hybrid so I never need to change the HF35 transaxld fluid.


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