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Ford Among Top 10 Most Searched Car Brands Of 2023

As a brand, Ford has historically fared well in a number of studies, ranking as one of the top 100 companies on Interbrand’s Best Global Brands Report 2023, the most trusted truck brand in the 2023 BrandSpark American Trust Study, and securing the top spot in the 2023 J.D. Power U.S. Automotive Brand Loyalty Study in terms of trucks, too. Now, Ford is also among the top 10 most searched car brands of 2023 as well, according to new data from Marketwatch.

In this new study – “Mapping Automotive Preferences for America” – Marketwatch set out to discover America’s top searched car brands and models over the past year, which is notable given the fact that in today’s world, most vehicle shoppers do some sort of web-based research before heading to the dealership or making a purchase. In that regard, Ford ranked as the fourth most-searched car brand in the U.S. with a total of 20.3 million searches, falling behind Toyota (37.6 million searches), Tesla (34.6 million), and Honda (22.2 million), but ahead of Hyundai (18.6 million), Ram (17.1 million), BMW (15.7 million), Kia (15.4 million), Mercedes-Benz (15.1 million), and Subaru (14.9 million) to round out the top 10.

To come up with these rankings, Marketwatch collected Google Trends search volume data from the U.S. over the past 12 months – from September 2022 through September 2023, in this case. Aside from simply looking at automotive brands that were among the most-searched terms, the company also analyzed various other models, styles, and makes, as well as specific terms like “new car for sale,” “used car for sale,” and “electric car.”

From there, the company broke down this data further into states, comparing that data to national averages and ranking it by search volume per capita. Ultimately, it’s an interesting list, and one that shows Ford remains at the forefront of many vehicle shoppers’ minds.

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