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Ford Bronco Buyers Are Still Paying Over MSRP For Their SUVs

The sixth-generation Ford Bronco debuted to tremendous demand in the midst of many production challenges and supply chain issues, which led to an immediate and rather massive backlog. Things have improved considerably since then, and even though Ford isn’t currently offering any discounts for the Bronco, certain trims of the rugged SUV are at least eligible for X-Plan pricing. Meanwhile, many buyers are apparently still paying more than MSRP for their new Ford Bronco as well – which is also true of the Ford Maverick – according to Consumer Reports.

2024 Ford Bronco Raptor Code Orange Package - Exterior 002 - Side

That consumer organization just highlighted the Ford Bronco as one of the worst deals on new vehicles at the moment, based on data from TrueCar. Every model on this new list is priced, on average, at eight percent or more than its average MSRP, which isn’t ideal given the fact that once we factor in depreciation, Bronco buyers in this market are facing the potential of greater future losses than others in the coming years.

As for the Ford Bronco, it’s among the worst offenders on this particular list with an average selling price that’s 10 percent more than MSRP – tying it for second place with four other models. According to TrueCar data, the average MSRP of a two-door 2024 Ford Bronco Big Bend, specifically, is $39,130, but the average spend over that baseline is $4,097 – giving it an actual average sales price of $43,227.

Sydney Sweeney Ford Bronco Off-Roadeo Moab - Exterior 003 - Rear

Meanwhile, as Ford Authority recently reported, 2024 Ford Bronco prices have increased for most trims as well, which makes buying one an even more expensive proposition. That includes the Black Diamond, Badlands, Wildtrak, Everglades, Heritage Edition, and the Ford Bronco Raptor, all of which are now $200 more expensive than before. It is worth noting that the entry-level Big Bend and Heritage Limited Edition did not receive any sort of change to their respective MSRPs as part of this latest round of increases, however.

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  1. Camaro Dude

    You would have to be the smoothest brain human on earth to pay sticker or over sticker for any car.

  2. whypac

    Can’t fix dumb people.

  3. Rose

    Pent up demand from pandemic years has caused scarcity. If you wait until prices return to MSRP, you are guaranteed to pay future inflated price. Not worth it. I bought my 2door Bronco for $30,000 actual list price in 2022. Check out the current price.

  4. Diver

    I call B s on article. The last two I’ve bought have been well under msrp. Just bought a 24 why because we like them.


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