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Ford Bronco Lineup Receives First-Ever Lease Deal

The sixth-generation Ford Bronco debuted to tremendous demand in the midst of many production challenges and supply chain issues, which led to an immediate and rather massive backlog. Things have improved considerably since then, and as Ford Authority reported earlier this month, certain trims of the rugged SUV are now eligible for X-Plan pricing for the first time. On top of that, Ford just began offering a special discount designed to entice Jeep owners to purchase a Bronco, too. Now, the Ford Bronco is getting its first-ever least deal as well, according to a dealer bulletin recently seen by CarsDirect.

Last week, Ford Credit began offering special lease deals on the 2023 Ford Bronco, with rates starting out at 7.5 percent for 36 month terms, along with 7.6 percent for 48 months. This is certainly notable because – to this point, since the Bronco launched for the 2021 model year – it has only been available at standard lease rates, which isn’t surprising given the tremendous demand it faced to this point.

However, there are several caveats that go along with this deal that shoppers should be aware of. For starters, it only applies to the now-base Big Bend trim, and compared to other models offering rates as low as zero percent in certain cases, it isn’t exactly a fantastic deal, either. Couple that with the fact that finding a 2023 model year Ford Bronco Big Bend might be tough to do at the moment given the model year changeover, and it certainly won’t help everyone.

Regardless, it is a notable offer for anyone that simply wants to lease a new Bronco and can live with these terms. It’s also especially interesting given the fact that a recent study found that quite a few Bronco buyers are still paying more than MSRP for their rugged SUVs, too.

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