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Ford CEO Farley Says ‘Boring’ Vehicles Are Going Away: Video

Since taking over the helm of Ford Motor Company a few years ago, CEO Jim Farley has made it quite clear that he isn’t a fan of commodity products, or just basic models that offer little in the way of excitement. Rather, he prefers to focus on the company’s “icons,” or both ICE and EV models he considers “passion brands,” including the Ford Bronco, Ford Mustang, and even the European Puma and Ford Maverick. While speaking during the automaker’s 2024 motorsports season launch event last night, Farley reiterated this sentiment while noting that what he considers “boring” vehicles are going away, too.

“There are a lot of car companies, but what is going to make Ford different? And for me it’s very simple: we don’t make commodity products,” Farley said. “We make products for people who work, and work with their hands, and we make passion products like Bronco and Mustang. And that’s what we do at Ford, and when we’ve gotten away from that formula, it hasn’t worked out. We want Ford to be a powerhouse when it comes to passion products and work products. No more boring products, and that’s what this night is all about.”

It’s obviously unclear which specific models Farley is talking about here, but he has mentioned two in the past – the Ford Escape and Ford Edge. Roughly a year ago, Farley said that The Blue Oval won’t be making and selling ICE-powered two-row crossovers in the future, as that segment hasn’t proven profitable in the past.

We already know that the Ford Edge is facing discontinuation after the current model year – with production slated to end in March – after which the Oakville Assembly plant that builds it will be retooled to produce all-electric versions of the Ford Explorer and Lincoln Aviator starting in 2025. Back in June 2022, Farley also indirectly hinted that the Escape is facing discontinuation as well, though it may be replaced by a new all-electric model.

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  1. Richard

    They are only boring because Farley made them that way. The Edge and Escape could have been better, but Farley cannot invest now because EV’s and batteries are taking all the capital.

    1. Drew Ford Retiree


    2. Mike

      Absolutely agree. I’m very concerned about the product path that the company is taking. Not to mention limited hybrid availability and a reliance on an unprepared EV market.

  2. Bob Walker

    The ST Edge was a neat little car. Sporty and affordable.

    1. JW in SC

      Right on Bob. We were planning on a top end Edge for ’25. Have owned only Fords for over 50 years, But listen up Farley…I will switch to Kia or another if you drop the Edge. Too, I will never own an EV, what a fish story that is.

      1. Chris

        Yes me also looking a Kia If Edge is gone

  3. Steve Duba

    The Edge is a great car and sales have been consistently excellent. We had a 2019 Titanium and just received our new 2024 I ordered when I learned they were being discontinued. I had great hopes for a car guy to be taking the reins, but I’m afraid Jim Farley is leading Ford to a very bad place.

    1. Jim


  4. AladdinSane

    Speaking for myself Ford is totally boring. Perhaps he meant eliminating the entire company.

  5. Bruce Holberg

    Driving a Ford definitely is not boring as you never know when one is going to break and be recalled. Oh…then there is the range anxiety…

  6. Bill

    I believe he trying to put them out of business.

    1. Bill M.

      You’re absolutely correct, Bill. The plan is to destroy the auto industry in order to get us out of cars.

  7. Dw

    I thought i would like the edge but when my 17 titanium power stearing broke and it was 1500miles out of warranty, FORD refused to pay..i was done..

  8. Charles

    If Farley kills off the Escape and the planned replacement is an ev that nobody wants. Farley is in essence killing off 10,000+ local jobs in the Louisville area. Farley has to go!!!!

    1. Jim

      Totally AGREE

  9. carl

    I didn’t know that Ford Edge ST is considered boring. We just took delivery of a 2024 Edge ST last week. Sure, it doesn’t compare with my 2021 Mach 1, 480 HP.

  10. Jim

    How about they bring back boring. You know a truck that always gets you to your destination, always starts, fewer recalls. That’s the kind of boring I like .

  11. JD

    So Ford is losing a billion dollars per quarter making EV’s nobody asked for and nobody wants. Those two duds are piling up like cordwood on lots as Ford slashes production goals. Their solution, let’s make more EV’s that nobody asked for and nobody wants…..brilliant! He must of read “how to destroy an icon company for dummies”

    1. Shawn Roop

      Yep spot on

  12. LouisR

    Means for is closing Lincoln

    1. TonyW

      Agreed, Lincoln will not be around much longer.

  13. Jim

    Should’ve kept one car, the Fusion. A base model for fleet use with each an upgrade in performance and luxury. The top model would be a twin turbo V6 with the luxury of a BMW m5 level. Continue with the Bronco family from Bronco Sport to Bronco Raptor. Same for F 150, 250, 350 et al.

  14. Ford owner

    Very worried about the Explorer very out of date looking.


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