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Ford Edge Among Best Midsize SUVs For The Money

The soon-to-be-discontinued Ford Edge has long been a favorite of Consumer Reports, which previously named the crossover as one of the best such models anyone can buy for less than $40k, as well as one of the best American vehicles on sale today. With Ford Edge production at the Oakville Assembly plant in Canada currently scheduled to end in March, consumers still have time to purchase one before it sails off into the proverbial sunset, however, and now, they have yet another reason to do so, as the Edge has been recognized as one of the best mid-size SUVs for the money based on new data from iSeeCars – joining the Ford Escape, which made the cut in the overall best new vehicle value category.

The Ford Edge ranked as the fifth best new mid-size SUV/crossover on the market for the money out of 14 models that made this particular list. To come up with these results, iSeeCars analyzed the prices of over 8.3 million new cars sold in September – December 2023 and the odometer readings of over 181 million used cars from its Longest Lasting Cars Study to determine the rankings for the best new cars for the money.

As for the Ford Edge, it had an average MSRP of $43,571 over that time span, as well as an average lifespan of 195,147 miles – meaning that it presents owners with a price of $2,233 per 10,000 miles. By comparison, the overall segment had an average MSRP of $54,290 and an average lifespan of 179,695 miles, making for an effective cost of $3,021 per 10k miles.

“New car prices keep climbing, which makes finding the highest value models more important than ever for buyers,” said iSeeCars Executive Analyst Karl Brauer. “By identifying cars that combine the lowest purchase price with the longest lifespan, we’re helping consumers who want to maximize their car-buying budget.”

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  1. ronarb

    Would love to have the option of acquiring the Edge model with a Hybrid engine to go along with AWD. Easy decision with that purchase.

    1. Wes1790

      My sentiments exactly! A plug-in PHEV would be even better. And, why not make the hybrid engine a turbo for those of us who live/drive in the Mountains? I love my ’23 AWD Edge ST but wish it was AWD PHEV that could pull at least a 3,500 pound trailer.

  2. Terry

    With all the accolades about sales, life-span, and value for money…WHY discontinue making the Edge? Makes no sense! Please reconsider.

  3. jeff

    2016 ford edge SEL only 83000 km. school pick up, going to work etc, mainly local driving by wife. But water pump blew, ball joints, shock absorber, battery replaced a month ago. I spent about $3000 CAD. Disappointed Reliability.

  4. R

    The Ford edge is an awesome midsize SUV. I have had mine for over 10 yrs and I have almost 250k miles on it. Still runs amazing. Hope they bring the production of the Edge back.

  5. Michele

    The Ford Edge is being discontinued because it is NOT a crap car. They want to put pieces of tin on the market that break down the minute they are off the lot. More bank in their pockets.

  6. HS

    Keep the Edge !!!


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