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Ford Escape Among Best New Cars For The Money

Since its launch last year, the refreshed 2023 Ford Escape has proven to be a popular entity with new vehicle shoppers, ranking among the top 10 fastest-selling new vehicles on the market after spending just 21.9 days on dealer lots, on average, while the hybrid version made the cut as one of Kelley Blue Book’s most considered electrified vehicles on sale as well. Now, the crossover continues to earn praise from a variety of sources – this time, from iSeeCars, which ranked the Ford Escape as one of the best new vehicles on the market for the money.

The Ford Escape ranked as the 23rd best new vehicle on the market for the money out of 25 models that made this particular list, and it was the only Blue Oval-built vehicle to make the list, too. To come up with these results, iSeeCars analyzed the prices of over 8.3 million new cars sold in September – December 2023 and the odometer readings of over 181 million used cars from its Longest Lasting Cars Study to determine the rankings for the best new cars for the money.

As for the Ford Escape, it had an average MSRP of $34,071 over that time span, as well as an average lifespan of 167,744 miles – meaning that it presents owners with a price of $2,031 per 10,000 miles. By comparison, the overall market had an average MSRP of $47,885 and an average lifespan of 172,331 miles, making for an effective cost of $2,779 per 10k miles.

“New car prices keep climbing, which makes finding the highest value models more important than ever for buyers,” said iSeeCars Executive Analyst Karl Brauer. “By identifying cars that combine the lowest purchase price with the longest lifespan, we’re helping consumers who want to maximize their car-buying budget.”

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  1. Charles Mottern

    With the Escape being so well liked how can Ford CEO plan on eliminating them? Our lease on our 2022 hybrid plugin ends in 2025 and we were looking forward to a new lease of your 2025 model😢🥰


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