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Ford Escape Among Best Small SUVs For The Money

After receiving a refresh for the 2023 model year, the Ford Escape remains a popular choice among new car shoppers – in fact, the small crossover is among the top ten fastest selling models on the market at the moment. The Ford Escape was also named as one of the best overall new vehicles for the money by iSeeCars recently – a list that the Ford Edge also landed on in the mid-size crossover space – and now, that same organization has also bestowed the Escape as one of the best small SUVs/crossovers on the market in terms of value, too.

The Ford Escape ranked as the fifth best new small SUV on sale for the money out of six models that made this particular list, and it was the only Blue Oval-built vehicle to make the cut, too. To come up with these results, iSeeCars analyzed the prices of over 8.3 million new cars sold in September through December 2023 and the odometer readings of over 181 million used cars from its Longest Lasting Cars Study to determine the rankings for the best new cars for the money.

As for the Ford Escape, it had an average MSRP of $34,071 over that time span, as well as an average lifespan of 167,744 miles – meaning that it presents owners with a price of $2,031 per 10,000 miles. By comparison, this particular segment had an average MSRP of $36,530 and an average lifespan of 173,927 miles, making for an effective cost of $2,100 per 10k miles.

“New car prices keep climbing, which makes finding the highest value models more important than ever for buyers,” said iSeeCars Executive Analyst Karl Brauer. “By identifying cars that combine the lowest purchase price with the longest lifespan, we’re helping consumers who want to maximize their car-buying budget. These six SUVs are among the best-selling models in the U.S., suggesting consumers have recognized their excellent value proposition.”

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  1. JME80

    ….And yet, Ford wants to get rid of it in a few years….what am I missing here, besides the “focus” on EVs???

  2. Felipe

    That must be a joke!! Just google “Ford Escape Transmission” or Ford Fusion……worst car ever…mine is being sitting on my driveway for months now, can’t afford $5k repair

  3. R brooks

    My Ex had an 05 tribute / was pretty decent size. When I went to look at them in 2017, I didn’t realize they had shrunk 15% or so in size. I bought it over the slightly larger cx5 because of the HP rating . Bad choice.
    The turbo was an uncontrollable dog . Plus lack of previous size .
    So the other day I saw a new Escape on the road and had to look twice . I’d swear they’ve shrunk it another 15%.
    I mis-took it for a Mazda mx-3 at first glance.
    It has shrunk to the size of an econobox with a hatchback!
    Time to cancel it. They’ve destroyed the Escape brand.


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