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Ford EV Owners Spend 40 Minutes Fast Charging On Average

Back in May 2023, The Blue Oval signed an agreement with Tesla that will grant Ford EV owners access to the latter’s expansive and reliable Supercharger network in the coming months. Since then, most of its rivals have followed suit, including General Motors, Rivian, Nissan, Honda, Volvo, Mercedes-Benz, Hyundai, Kia, Toyota, Subaru, Volkswagen, and BMW, while Stellantis is “looking into” making such a move, and SAE International is standardizing the North American Charging Standard (NACS) that Tesla uses, rather than the Combined Charging System (CCS) that most utilize currently. Aside from the sheer size of the Supercharger network, there are apparently other reasons behind this move – including a big difference in fast charging times, according to Automotive News.

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There are indeed some major differences in the average time Ford EV owners – and anyone else using a non-Tesla charger – spend fast charging their vehicles, according to a new study from Energetics cited by the U.S. Department of Energy. The study analyzed 2.4 million charging sessions over a three-year period that ended this last June, and found that the average paid fast-charging session at a non-Tesla charger was 42 minutes, as well as one hour and 18 minutes at free public chargers, specifically.

This particular study excluded Tesla Superchargers, but another recent study conducted by J.D. Power found that all fast chargers – including Tesla’s – had an average charge time of 31 minutes. Making matters worse for non-Tesla charger users, the average fast charging time actually rose between June and December 2023 as well, from 36 minutes to 40.

Regardless, as the presence of fast chargers – as well as the technology each uses – continues to evolve, most expect these times to decline in the coming months and years. You have the capability to reduce that charging time by probably 10 minutes or so per session,” said Loren McDonald, charging analyst and CEO of consulting firm EVAdoption. “Twenty minutes is a lot more acceptable to people who are on the fence about EVs than 40 minutes. Forty minutes to them sounds like an hour where 20 minutes sort of sounds like 15 minutes.”

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  1. John

    40 minutes is A LOT of time to waste just “gassing up”. People don’t have that much time to waste today, especially people with kids.

    1. KS

      Really if they don’t have that much time they should be getting a Hybrid and then look at EV’s again when charging times and locations are worked out more. It’s not the tools fault if the person bought the wrong tool for the task they need.

  2. Johnny P

    If you can find an open charger that is operational. It takes 10 min to fill the gas tank. Stuff those useless EVs.

  3. Namako

    Less than 8 minutes to 100%, in and out, and with opportunities to recharge on almost every corner…. oh, yeah, I drive an ICE-powered F-150.

    1. Rick Wilson

      Your Mexican truck is inferior to my horse.

  4. JamesB

    40 minutes is reVOLTing. Is it easier to call 911 and get a quick 10 min charge and go? no charge for the charge….lol


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