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Ford Expedition Among Best Full Size SUVs For The Money

The Ford Expedition has long been a stalwart in the full-size SUV space, offering large families a very appealing choice in that regard, with copious amounts of cargo and passenger space inside. However, the Expedition has also long been recognized as a great value in that same space, most recently earning a Best Buy Award from Kelley Blue Book just last month. Now, the Ford Expedition has once again been recognized – this time, as one of the best full-size SUVs for the money by iSeeCars, joining the Ford Escape and Ford Edge, which were also highlighted as great values.

The Ford Expedition ranked as the fourth best new full-size SUV on the market for the money out of six models that made this particular list. To come up with these results, iSeeCars analyzed the prices of over 8.3 million new cars sold in September through December 2023 and the odometer readings of over 181 million used cars from its Longest Lasting Cars Study to determine the rankings for the best new cars for the money.

As for the Ford Excursion, it had an average MSRP of $75,674 over that time span, as well as an average lifespan of 203,589 miles – meaning that it presents owners with a price of $3,717 per 10,000 miles. By comparison, the overall segment had an average MSRP of $78,525 and an average lifespan of 177,631 miles, making for an effective cost of $4,421 per 10k miles.

“Large SUVs require a large budget, with the average model costing over $4,400 for every 10,000 miles of lifespan,” said iSeeCars Executive Analyst Karl Brauer. “But these are also some of the longest-lasting vehicles you can buy, so if you can afford the upfront cost they should provide between 150,000 and 200,000 miles of service.”

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