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Ford F-150 Golf Cart Looks Ready To Hit The Links

Earlier this week, we came across a custom Ford Bronco golf cart that looks precisely like a shrunken version of a high-dollar restomod, a truly cool build indeed. Such a machine makes a ton of sense given the incredibly popularity that the Bronco enjoys these days, and truthfully, what Blue Oval fan wouldn’t want to tool around the golf course – or their neighborhood – in something like that, rather than just a boring old traditional cart? For those that feel that way but would prefer to have a different FoMoCo model to cruise around in while enjoying the greens or just checking in on the neighbors, this Ford F-150 golf cart is also going up for grabs at at Mecum’s upcoming Kissimmee, Florida auction, too.

Ford F-150 Golf Cart - Exterior 002 - Rear Three Quarters

Unlike the aforementioned Bronco, this Ford F-150 golf cart is powered by a good old fashioned gas engine – not an electric motor and battery – though the seller didn’t provide any details pertaining to that tiny little motor. Regardless, it’s hard to deny the appeal of this cool cart, which is finished in an eye-catching shade of green with a bulldog on the hood, for some reason.

Ford F-150 Golf Cart - Exterior 001 - Interior 001

Aside from those features, this Ford F-150 cart has also been lifted – as is all the rage with golf carts these days – and wears a set of larger wheels and tires compared to the average vehicle of this kind. It’s also equipped with a proper sound system in the event that occupants want to enjoy some tunes while they’re tooling around, too.

Ford F-150 Golf Cart - Exterior 001 - Engine Bay 001

Throw in the fact that there’s an actual bed and functioning tailgate with room for two more passengers in the rear, and it’s easy to see that there are many different sorts of things one could use this Ford F-150 golf cart for, which should make it an appealing auction target for some. It’s anyone’s guess what it’ll ultimately sell for, however, though we’d expect there to be plenty of interest when it hits the block next month.

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  1. glen

    Looks nice, On the plus side it will never need Cam Phasers, or need the 10 speed transmission rebuilt like some of the larger F150’s.


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