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Ford F-150 Lightning Pro Gets Its Own Light Bar: Video

Though the Ford F-150 Lightning has proven to be an incredibly useful tool for many, the EV pickup hasn’t exactly been a commonly modified vehicle, either – largely due to the fact that installing typical truck things like lift kits and larger wheels and tires has a pretty big negative impact on range. Regardless, that likely isn’t the case with the modification that the YouTube Channel Kurt’s RPM Garage made to their Ford F-150 Lightning Pro recently – the addition of a light bar for the front end.

Ford F-150 Lightning Pro Light Bar Installation 002

As many are well aware, the work-focused Ford F-150 Lightning Pro doesn’t come from the factory with a light bar, a feature that is present on higher trims. However, we imagine that at least some of those that purchased this entry-level model are likely interested in having it on their EV pickups, and that’s why this video could prove quite helpful for those folks, too.

As one might imagine, those that want to mimic this installation will need to source a light bar – which is available via Ford – as well as a tool to cut out part of the factory grille (unless one sources a grille from a higher trimmed truck), an OBD scanner and ForScan software, a few nuts and bolts, and some basic tools.

Otherwise, the job itself is pretty easy, as it requires removing the factory grille, cutting out space for the light bar, installing the light bar, reinstalling the entire grille, and then programming it so that it functions like an OEM part. The most tedious part of the job appears to be cutting space for the light bar in the factory grille – along with the programming, if one isn’t technically savvy or experienced with ForScan – but otherwise, this video is a useful tool for anyone thinking about doing the same thing to their Ford F-150 Lightning Pro.

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  1. MJ

    Who cares, the front end of the overpriced EV is cheap looking plastic and ugly. Needs a better styled front end like the Dodge Ram EV model they are showing off. Ford styling is pathetic along with their poor quality. I wouldn’t but one of those ugly trucks if you cut the price in half


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