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Ford F-150 Lightning Rival Tesla Cybertruck Disappoints In Range Test

The Tesla Cybertruck was revealed back in 2019, with a launch date originally slated for 2021. However, that year came and went, at least until last July, when the Ford F-150 Lightning rival officially entered production, after which several prototypes were spotted out testing at various locations – in some cases, wearing humorous wraps designed to make it look like an F-150. Deliveries of the Tesla Cybertruck began just a few weeks ago, which means that we’re starting to see some independent reviews and tests of the new model, one of which – a recent range test conducted by the YouTube channel Out of Spec Motoring – produced some disappointing but unsurprising results.

Tesla Cybertruck Highway Range Test In Cold Weather - Exterior 002 - Rear Three Quarters

The Tesla Cybertruck used in this particular test is an early, Foundation Series model, which means that it offers up an estimated 320 miles of range, all-terrain tires, 845 horsepower, and a 2.6-second 0-60 time, all at a $120,000 price tag. Regardless, we’ve seen on multiple occasions what cold weather and highway speeds can do to an EV’s range, and those variables were once again on full display here.

This particular range test took part in Texas when temperatures were in the mid 40-degree range. It was driven entirely at highway speeds of 70 mph on a full charge until the battery was completely depleted to the point where it wouldn’t move under its own power, with the HVAC set on low the entire time. Ultimately, the Cybertruck managed to travel just 254 miles before it ran out of juice, which is just over 20 percent less than its EPA estimate.

In all fairness, this isn’t terribly surprising, given what we’ve seen from many other EVs subjected to similar tests recently. In fact, this applies to the Cybertruck’s chief rival – the F-150 Lightning – which also had trouble hitting its EPA estimate in a recent highway range test, too, which has prompted some to call for changes to the current testing protocol.

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    Shocking. EV range estimates are a complete joke. There are to many variable to accurately estimate range for people living in different places with different climates, different driving styles, different features, different loads, etc.


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