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Ford F-150 Lightning Switchgear Debuts As New Demonstrator

Ford Performance is currently enjoying a resurgence, thanks to the 2024 Ford Mustang leading a renewed motorsports push. But there are a bevy of other interesting projects the division has rolled out over the years, including some hot EV performance models. Notable projects include the Ford SuperVan, Ford Mustang Mach-E 1400, Ford F-100 Eluminator, and Cobra Jet 1400. And now, the Ford F-150 Lightning Switchgear has been fully revealed, which appears to be a performance EV pickup that channels the spirit of the Raptor.

The Ford F-150 Lightning Switchgear represents another collaboration between RTR and Ford Performance, and the new model drew inspiration from the F-150 RTR Ultimate Fun-Haver project from 2016. But that model is ancient history. The new pickup is adorned with a completely custom carbon body and the 2024 Ford Performance livery. A roof spoiler with integrated stop lights is perhaps the biggest visual and functional departure from the retail pickup, but there’s significantly more going on with the suspension and tire setup.

Ford Performance intends to use the Ford F-150 Lightning Switchgear as an on-road and off-road demonstrator, so the extremely capable pickup boasts a street and off-road configuration depending on where it’ll be used. Most specs remain the same save for ride height. The street configuration will feature a seven-inch ride height out front and a five-inch height out back. By contrast, the off-road configuration will be 13.5 inches up front and 11 inches out back. Either way, the Switchgear has a custom independent front and rear suspension with coil-over shocks, a stabilizer bar, and droop limit straps. Those front and rear shocks are Fox 3.0 units with remote reservoirs and a six-inch stroke, not unlike what’s on the Raptor.

As for rubber, the Ford F-150 Lightning Switchgear features two different sets of Nitto tires. For street performance, it will utilize the Nitto NT420V 305/55R20, while the off-road configuration will be paired with Nitto Ridge Grappler 37-inch tires. As for wheels, the street variant uses RTR Tech 6 flow-forged aluminum alloys, while RTR Tech 6 forged aluminum alloys with bead-lock rings are set to be utilized off-pavement.

For the body, there are unique body parts for each configuration too. The street configuration gets a carbon composite front bumper with valence, carbon composite rocker panels, and a Ford Performance tonneau cover. Off-road, there’s a unique chase rack that can hold two spare tires and wheels, in addition to steel fabricated rock rails, bumpers, and front skid plate.

The Ford F-150 Lightning Switchgear retains the stock extended range battery and motors for 580 horsepower and 775 pound-feet of torque. It’s part of the automaker’s desire to outline the capabilities of electric vehicles, and will make its first public appearance at King of Hammers, which starts January 25th in Johnson City California.

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    regular EV’s are being totaled for having minor damage to the battery skid plate since dealers can’t open the batteries to confirm whether or not there is damage. so lets build an off road EV.


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