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Ford F-Series Thefts Impacting Beauregard Parish, Louisiana

Over the past couple of years, Ford Authority has reported on multiple automotive thefts that have taken place directly at the source – Ford-owned and/or operated storage lots, many of which are located near the automaker’s Michigan-based plants. These types of thefts have left a tremendous impact on the local community, but they certainly aren’t alone. Rather, vehicle theft in the entire U.S. remains at or near record-high levels, with the ever-popular Ford F-Series remaining one of the more popular targets among thieves. Now, Ford F-Series theft is impacting yet another community – Beauregard Parish, Louisiana – according to KPLC News.

A grand total of six Ford F-Series trucks were recently stolen in that particular area in the span of just a week – plus another failed attempt – according to the Beauregard Parish Sheriff’s Office, who also point out that thieves are targeting these types of models, specifically. As is usually the case, police are also urging residents of the area to take precautions to prevent that from happening, including steps such as locking their vehicles, taking their keys with them, and parking in well-lit areas.

This Ford F-Series theft epidemic has thus far impacted a number of cities and towns across North America, including Edmonton, Canada, where more than a dozen trucks were stolen in the course of one weekend recently, along with Southwest Florida, where multiple pickups were also taken from their owners in the span of a few days, and even the Denver International Airport in Colorado, where a whopping 100 F-Series trucks were stolen across the span of a few months.

While this theft epidemic continues to reach new heights, it isn’t just entire trucks that thieves are targeting – in fact, the F-Series is also the most frequently targeted vehicle when it comes to catalytic converter thefts, too.

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  1. GL Hopkins

    Recently purchased a 2024 F-250 KR. No package of locking bed cleats were in the cab as was listed on a small window sticker listing “loose items”. Dealer states no part number available to allow ordering. The mounting plates were apparently changed for the 2024 year. I have called Ford and they transfer to Ford accessories who state they have no clue. Could you folks help me find out if other customers have had the same issue? Thanks


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