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Ford Fiesta ST Is An Excellent Track Day Vehicle: Video

Over the past few months, we’ve seen quite a few Blue Oval models subjected to a “will it rally?” test by the folks at Team O’Neill – a car control and racing school based in New Hampshire – including the Ford Bronco Sport crossover, Ford Bronco Raptor SUV, Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor, and – humorously enough – a 2022 Ford F-450 Super Duty pickup. However, Team O’Neill recently switched gears a bit and headed out to an actual paved track in Canaan, New Hampshire to test out a Ford Fiesta ST, and needless to say, they walked away from that track day very much impressed.

Ford Fiesta ST Track Test - Exterior 002 - Rear Three Quarters

As many Blue Oval fans are well aware already, the Ford Fiesta ST is still one of the greatest hot hatches ever made – a car that’s equally at home carving up canyon roads and apexes as it is sitting in traffic during the daily grind. Regardless, our host is adamant that anyone who hasn’t driven one of these cars is “missing out,” encouraging us to try it out at least once in our lives.

Aside from being a total blast to drive on the track, the Ford Fiesta ST is also getting cheap on the used car market, as our host points out, with some examples going for as little as $7,000-$10,000. For that kind of money, it’s hard to find anything that has as high a smile-to-dollar ratio these days, and they’re also quite safe and reliable, to boot.

One of the biggest points our host makes, however, is that the hate surrounding front-wheel drive vehicles in general is a bit unwarranted, as these types of hot hatches have proven time and time again. It takes a little getting used to driving such a machine fast around the track, but when one does that, it’s hard to deny just how fun they really are.

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