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Ford Focus Was The Most Scrapped Car In The UK In 2023

The Ford Focus enjoyed a rather long production run with millions of units rolling off the assembly line over the years, though that same model was recently discontinued as customers around the globe continue to gravitate toward crossovers, SUVs, and trucks rather than passenger cars. Regardless, after spending many years as one of the most popular models in places like the UK, there are plenty of used examples of the Ford Focus still out on the roads. As such, it doesn’t really come as a huge surprise to learn that the Focus was also the most scrapped vehicle in the UK last year either, according to data from the scrap car recycling company Car Take Back.

In its latest analysis of the UK’s scrap car market, Car Take Back found that the Ford Focus was the most frequently scrapped model in that part of the world in 2023, with silver being the most common color. Additionally, the average age of those scrapped models is 17 years, a time when – also unsurprisingly – the Focus was the top-selling vehicle on sale, racking up more than 50,000 registrations as it accounted for over 20 percent of the compact car market.

The Ford Focus was followed by the Vauxhall Corsa and Fiesta to round out the top three most scrapped models in the UK last year, with blue and black representing the two most common colors of those vehicles behind silver. The average scrap value of the Focus last year was ($445 USD), which is a bit higher than the overall average of £316 ($402 USD).

2022 Ford Focus

At the same time, the overall scrap value of vehicles in the UK started out at a rather high level of around £350 early in the year, but declined substantially as the months passed by, closing out 2023 at just a touch over £270 ($343 USD). According to Car Take Back, this phenomenon can largely be blamed on fluctuations in the price of scrap metal, which remains in high demand today.

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