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Ford Maverick Among Most Reliable Used Pickups

While the Ford Maverick has been a smash hit with consumers since its launch for the 2022 model year, the same can be said of critics as well – most notably, Consumer Reports, which previously named the compact pickup as one of its recommended vehicles, as well as one of the most reliable new vehicles one can buy for less than $30k. Now, that praise continues, as the Ford Maverick has now made the cut as one of Consumer Reportsmost reliable used pickupsjoining the Ford Ranger in that regard.

As Consumer Reports points out, three-year-old vehicles are smart buys given the fact that they’ve already experienced a good deal of depreciation, yet are new enough that they still have plenty of standard safety and tech features. Additionally, most leases cover three years, meaning that many of this age are turn-ins that have low miles and are more likely to have been treated with care over that time span, too, with scheduled maintenance completed as prescribed, to boot.

In that regard, the Ford Maverick made the cut thanks to its solid predicted reliability scores, which are based on feedback from Consumer Reports‘ owner surveys. The popular pickup also performed well in CR‘s road testing, and received a good overall owner satisfaction score as well.

Other than its stellar reliability, Consumer Reports praised the Ford Maverick for its excellent fuel economy – particularly in the hybrid model – along with a quiet ride, smooth operation, “super-easy” to use controls, and “commendable” maneuverability, visibility, and access into the cabin. CR does note that the Maverick’s interior is pretty utilitarian, however, and said that its 4.5-foot bed is rather small as well – but in this case, “deep enough to be practical.”

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  1. Shockandawe

    Just about the ugliest truck around!

    1. Lord Bowler

      Subjective. Unlike the Hyundai, the Maverick at least looks like a truck.

    2. John S

      I disagree. The Tesla pick up is the ugliest by far.

  2. ronarb

    Then why is there a waiting list of 6 months to get one ?

    1. Badmonkey

      Because Ford limits it’s production

  3. Shockandawe

    Because they only make 10 a month.

  4. James

    I love mine!

  5. I have a 2022 Maverick hybrid so far so good.

  6. Reply
  7. Richard obermark

    Ordered one in july, still no date of manufacture

  8. Pikey87

    Extremely pleased with my 23 XL hybrid. Just enough truck for what I need, and it’s better on gas than my wife’s hatchback 🤣 and yes, I relentlessly tease her about that.

  9. Joe

    Love my Maverick! (Ecoboost Lariat)


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