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Ford Maverick Was The Best Selling Hybrid Pickup In 2023

Since its launch, the economical and affordably-priced Ford Maverick has been a tremendous hit, even though it remains a difficult find – at least at sticker price, even as production has increased in recent months. Even as prices have increased multiple times over the past couple of years, the Ford Maverick continues to sell extremely well and earn its fair share of accolades as well. In spite of all these obstacles, the Ford Maverick also closed out 2023 as the best-selling hybrid pickup in the U.S. as well, according to The Blue Oval’s latest sales report.

Last year, FoMoCo actually claimed the top two spots on the best-selling hybrid trucks in America list, with Ford Maverick Hybrid sales totaling 52,361 units – a 67 percent year-over-year gain and more than half of that same model’s total sales in 2023, which increased by  26.5 percent. Meanwhile, the Ford F-150 Hybrid posted sales of 50,103 units, a gain of 41 percent versus a year ago. With the refreshed 2024 Ford F-150 being offered with the PowerBoost hybrid as a no-cost option over the standard 3.5L V6 EcoBoost, these results could change over the course of the coming year, however.

In addition to these achievements, the Ford F-Series line retained its title as the best-selling vehicle and truck yet again, while the Ford F-150 Lightning was the best-selling EV pickup and the F-150 Hybrid was the top-selling full-size hybrid pickup, too.

“Ford has the vehicle a customer wants – that has been key to our success in 2023, with our continued dominance in trucks and SUVs. We saw strong gains coming from gas-powered vehicles and record setting sales for our hybrid and electric vehicles,” said Andrew Frick, president, Ford Blue. “Customers know they get choice when they come to Ford. None of our competitors offer the powertrain choices that Ford has become known for in trucks. And it will continue with the launch of the new F-150 later this month.”

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  1. Jorge Acosta

    And the most problematic, from what I’ve read here and elsewhere. I gave it much thought before buying my ’22 XLT Exoboost. The hybrid technology is too new, even for Ford, no matter what anyones says. Just read the Maverick news. I may entertain getting a hybrid later after they work out the kinks with the guinea piggies, us….

    1. Duane

      I 100% agree I’m on maverick truck club and most of the problems I see are hybrid owner post’s. I got the Ecoboost as well in Tremor form, and I know the engine is pretty solid, I had a ST focus with same 2.0. never had problems.

  2. Marco G

    52, 000 hybrids. No way. that’s the entire year production of mavericks and less than 20 percent were hybrids. Somebody needs to fact check.

    1. Brett Foote

      Total Maverick sales (not production) in 2023 were 94,058 units, this info came straight from Ford.

  3. Terri Prewitt

    We ordered our Maverick almost 1 1/2 years ago.
    Still waiting

  4. Spar

    Ford can’t say it’s the best selling truck when they can’t deliver. My opinion taking a order for one isn’t selling it.


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