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Ford Mustang Rival Dodge Charger Previewed Before 2024 Debut

While the Ford Mustang has already moved on to an entirely new generation, its rivals have not enjoyed the same sort of treatment. In fact, production of the sixth-generation Chevy Camaro recently ended as its future remains a bit murky, which can also be said of the Dodge Challenger and Charger, both of which went out of production late last month. However, the Camaro will likely come back in some form, and the same is also the case for at least one of the Dodge twins. Previously, it looked like the Dodge Charger, specifically, would be returning as an EV-only model, but as Ford Authority reported last October, it now seems as if the Charger will also be sold with at least one ICE powertrain as well. Now, Dodge has officially revealed what looks to be the almost-production-ready version of the all-new Charger.

This new machine – which certainly looks like the next-generation Dodge Charger – shares quite a bit in common in terms of exterior styling with the all-electric Dodge Charger Daytona SRT Concept that was revealed last year, particularly up front, where it sports a very similar, slim grille and headlights with the same new logo front and center. Interestingly, that is not the case in the rear, however, as this pre-production model looks a lot like the outgoing Charger – albeit slimmed down and modernized a touch like the S650 Mustang.

Next-Generation Dodge Charger Teaser - Exterior 001 - Rear Three Quarters

Perhaps even more notably, there appears to be an exhaust system located underneath the rear bumper of this Dodge Charger, which seemingly confirms that it will, in fact, continue to be offered with an ICE engine of some sort. It’s unclear what that engine (or engines) might be, but previous rumors suggest that it will be powered by the twin-turbocharged 3.0L I-6 Hurricane, which generates 420 horsepower and 468 pound-feet of torque in base form and 510 hp and 500 pound-feet in high-output guise, though the forthcoming Ram TRX successor – the RHO – will offer up even more.

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  1. Jim Elsasser

    At least Dodge is showing some imagination in their car designs.
    Ford/Farley is stuck on these same old boring SUVs. And the Mustang design looks like a damn Camaro.

    1. Richard Jones

      If you don’t like it, don’t buy it!

    2. RichG

      Imagination in car design? Just what are you looking at? I don’t see it.

  2. Jfar and jbid

    Down with the sickness

  3. carl

    We were at a local Ford dealer today, picking up a 2024 Ford Edge ST. We looked at a Mustang GT in the showroom and it looks like a Camaro. Glad we got a 2021 Mustang Mach 1,,,,Not E.

    1. 19natejlm

      Yea and my Honda civic looks like a nascar race car.

  4. LouisR

    The end of Mustang


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