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Ford Water Pump Lawsuit Settlement Ends Class Action

For years now, Ford has faced a number of legal battles over defective water pumps that it installed in a variety of models with Duratec engines. One of those lawsuits was dismissed by a judge back in early 2020, but it wasn’t the last pertaining to that particular topic by a long shot. In fact, another water pump lawsuit was certified as a class action in Canada in early 2022, and yet another lawsuit pertaining to this same topic was filed in New York a few months later – though it was transferred to Michigan last year. Now, that same lawsuit has been dismissed after Ford reached a confidential settlement with the plaintiffs in the case, according to Car Complaints.

This class-action lawsuit pertains to a variety of FoMoCo models built between 2007-2020, including the Ford Edge, Ford Explorer, Ford Flex, Ford Fusion, Ford Taurus, Lincoln MKT, Lincoln MKZ, and Lincoln MKX. According to the lawsuit, defective, unreinforced bearing oil seals used in the water pump allow coolant to leak across the mechanical seals and penetrate the bearing seals, which contaminates and washes out the bearing lubricant. Since the water pump is in line with the crankshaft and located over the main body of the engine, it reportedly allows coolant to leak from the water pump into the oil pan. Making matters worse, mixed coolant and oil can lead to engine failure, too.

This lawsuit – Roe, et al., v. Ford Motor Company – was originally filed in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan, Southern Division by plaintiffs represented by the Miller Law Firm, P.C., Kessler Topaz Meltzer & Check, LLP, Keil & Goodson, P.A., and the Edwards Firm, PLLC, but now, nearly six years later, it has been dismissed yet again, this time, after Judge Laurie J. Michelson was asked by the plaintiffs to reconsider their arguments and claims.

Michelson didn’t budge, however, stating that this lawsuit is being “dismissed with prejudice with each party bearing that party’s own attorney’s fees and costs.” When the case was previously dismissed in 2020, the judge noted that there was no evidence that “Ford knew or should have known that water pumps in Cyclone [Duratec] engines were defective.”

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  1. Florida resident

    Ford had the class action suits transfered to Michigan so they could pick the Judge and pay him off to dismiss the class action

  2. Dianne Hord

    Yes, you can count me as another victim of Ford’s water pump issue.

    2013 Ford Explorer


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