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Lincoln EV Sales Program On Hold Amid Brand Reorganization

It wasn’t too terribly long ago – 2022, in fact – that Lincoln was slated to gain four new second-generation all-electric models by 2026, including the Lincoln Aviator EV, which is expected to launch in 2025 and be produced at the Oakville Assembly plant in Canada. However, back in April 2023, new Lincoln CEO Dianne Craig revealed that the luxury brand was no longer following that timeline. Then, a few days later, Lincoln made some changes to its EV sales program – one that largely mimics Ford’s Model e Certified program, which has faced its fair share of controversy and pushback from dealers. Now, following this morning’s revelation that Lincoln plans to cut 100 dealers from its network in 2024, Craig also revealed that the brand’s EV sales program is now on hold, according to Automotive News.

Even though Ford is moving forward with the implementation of its own Model e Certified program, it seems as if Lincoln’s version is “essentially on hold,” according to this report, a move that’s being made as the brand “rethinks its strategy.” Craig did note that the brand’s decision to trim its dealer network has nothing to do with the number of dealers that did or didn’t opt in for the EV sales program, however.

Previously, FoMoCo announced that the revised Lincoln EV sales program was deferring the timetable dealers were previously expected to follow when installing public fast chargers, along with various other tweaks. Lincoln dealers participating in the program weren’t required to have to install those chargers until March 2025 – instead of November 2024 as previously expected – and weren’t required to install a Level 2 charger in the new vehicle delivery area. Additionally, dealers had until July 2026 to an install a Level 3 public charger, and the program changed to cover three years – 2025-2027 – instead of two.

Dealers that opted not to sign up for the Lincoln EV sales program initially were going to get another chance to do so as well following these changes, though the estimated cost of doing that remained unchanged at around $900,000. Now, it’s unclear if the program will change again before its implementation, or if The Blue Oval will decide to go in a different direction altogether.

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  1. TeeKay

    Watch for Oakville plant closing. Think this was the plan all along. Stop producing the Edge and Ford can say plant is not producing saleable product. Move production to China or Mexico.

  2. Drew

    Translation #1… Lincoln may not be around very long.
    Translation #2… the $900k investment is hard for dealers to justify if the 2024 national election signals a change in government away from the aggressive BEV policies.

    I hope #1 is not the reason.

    1. JME80

      I really hope translation #1 isn’t true….

      1. Drew

        Agree. My wife loves her Corsair… as much as she loves her Mustang.

      2. Richard

        Sadly, I think Lincoln is on the chopping block. Alan Mulally. wanted to kill it during his tenure, but got overridden by Bill Ford. Lincoln is down to selling 82K vehicles a year. Contrast this with the Lincoln/Mercury division selling 200K to 300K vehicles in previous decades.

  3. Tj

    Ford should just bury lincolnnd get over it, no one buys Lincoln since they got rid of the town car.

  4. cim88sev86

    Ford is just way too wishy washy on anything that isn’t a tank truck or SUV. They already killed off every sedan, so who cares. I hope the decisions they are making on sedans, EV’s and anything not a truck or SUV come back to haunt them.

  5. Dan C.

    Brand needs rebooted to survive. Bring the Continental back in a Hybrid version, make all SUV’s available with a Hybrid option much like the new Nautilus. So you would have a complete lineup of luxury vehicles. Push back an all electric SUV for 5 years, right now the public isn’t sold on all electric vehicles. If Lincoln goes to all electric SUV’s as they originally planned they’ll be dead in the water within 5 years. Killing off the Corsair within next couple of years as planned, will hasten their demise. 20 years ago they sold something like 200k vehicles, last year around 80K so the clock is ticking.

  6. Hermes

    Maybe Lincoln shouldn’t rush into EVs and try to perfect their current lineup first.

  7. Christopher MKZ ENTHUSIAST

    Lincoln needs to first bring back the MKZ or the Chinese version Zephyr as long as it’s made in the United States otherwise we won’t buy it. Zephyr can be available in EV only and a 3.0 twin turbo Black Label. As far as I’m concerned in many others Lincoln never gave the black label line up a chance with the MKZ and they need to bring it back

  8. Ron Chalmers

    Love my 2022 Aviator hybrid

  9. Paul Dunton

    Lincoln will disappear. And does anyone really believe Ford won’t follow suit in the medium term? Their lineup in the States is being culled. The Escape and Edge are due to be scrapped. In Europe their market share is shrinking as passenger cars (Kuga, Fiesta, Mondeo, Focus, Galaxy etc) disappear; Ford will become an LCV manufacturer there. In Asia they are a non-player. In Latin America it’s a similar story. The US diesn’t set the automotive agenda, China does. And China is all-in on EVs.
    The F150 is the only real profit generator for the company. If and when that changes, Ford will crash.

  10. Mf

    Ford’s mismanagement is going to end up killing Lincoln. Chinese import for their volume model, lagging behind the competition for Navigator, and the whole miss on Aviator/Explorer… Then a pivot to EVs that aren’t selling here?

    It’s clear there’s no plan, and that lack of a plan and vision, as well as lack of competent product is going to kill Lincoln off.

    1. TonyR

      The Board of Directors better step in before its too late for Lincoln. Demand better!

  11. ThomasT

    Lincoln finally gets the “Mercury” treatment. When is the end date for Lincoln?

  12. The Wiz

    My 2022 Lincoln Nautilus is by far the best car I’ve ever owned.

  13. cecil howard

    What ever happened to the sedan models ???

  14. TommyT

    Who would have thought that Cadillac would be the sole American luxury brand that is available. Cadillac is the Standard

  15. TonyR

    Hey! We need another special edition Mustang that nobody wants.


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