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Millionaire’s Ford F-650 Blocks Traffic, Gets Vandalized: Video

At the moment, there are a handful of companies that specialize in converting medium-duty Ford trucks into gigantic pickups with huge tires and other in-your-face features. These types of vehicles are obviously quite capable, but also very much impractical for daily use, as a pair of YouTubers recently discovered when they got the chance to test out a Ford F-650 Super Truck. Regardless, giant rigs like that are still favorites of folks like celebrities, professional athletes, and just plain old rich people who like to flaunt that wealth, though one millionaire’s Ford F-650 Super Truck suffered a bit of abuse recently when it blocked traffic, according to CarToq.

Ford F-650 Super Truck Blocks Traffic In India And Gets Vandilized - Exterior 002 - Rear Three Quarters

The millionaire who owns this Ford F-650 Super Truck is Boby Chemmanur – Managing Director of Chemmanur International Group and Founder of LifeVision Charitable Trust – who has long been known to use social media and extravagant vehicles as marketing tools. Chemmanur recently purchased a Ford F-650 Super Truck and had it imported to India, after which he decided to use the massive machine to celebrate his purchase of a tea farm in Kerala.

Chemmanur did this by hosting a New Year’s party at that property, and needless to say, far more people showed up than most would expect, which created a huge traffic jam. Throw the giant Super Truck into that mix, and well, that’s a recipe for disaster, and unsurprisingly, local residents weren’t happy when they saw it blocking traffic.

As we can see in the video, many got out of their vehicles and began pounding on the truck with their hands, with another even attempting to climb up and grab the driver. Several people climbed in the bed as well, while a group of folks were seen yelling at the driver in an attempt to get him to move the massive rig, to no avail. Clearly, it isn’t a good look for the well-known businessman, but then again, it might just help him gain traction on social media and turn out to be yet another successful marketing stunt.

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