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Nearly New 2023 Ford F-150 Meets Its End Via Crusher: Video

We often hear about flooded vehicles and just how much damage water can do to an automobile – even if that doesn’t always involve cosmetic damage. Rather, water seeps into pretty much every crack and crevice, causing electrical faults, engine issues, and of course, even rust later on down the road, depending on the circumstance. Each year, many flooded vehicles are sold by scammers taking advantage of these facts, though of course, many more are simply written off by insurance companies and scrapped. That’s precisely the case with this nearly-new 2023 Ford F-150 as well, as we can see in this video recently posted to TikTok.

Flood Damaged 2023 Ford F-150 Gets Crushed - Exterior 002 - Rear Three Quarters

According to our host, this 2023 Ford F-150 – which looks brand new and has just 5,000 miles on the clock – is another victim of flood waters, which apparently caused so much damage that the insurance company opted to simply have it crushed rather than try to fix it. This is obviously a shame, but as our host points out, it isn’t the car crusher company’s decision to save the vehicle or even remove parts from it, which is prohibited.

Of course, the company must take a few precautions before stuffing this immaculate Ford F-150 in the crusher, such as cutting off the valve stems, as well as removing the gas tank so there is no fire or explosion. Additionally, all of the oil is drained and the air conditioning system emptied of its gases.

@junkyardjeff1966 Another contracted job for an insurance adjuster. Had to crush a beautiful 2023 Ford F150 with only 5000 miles on it because it was in a flood. No, we are not allowed to keep a single part. Before you say it- Why would you donate unsafe vehicle to poor people? The vehicle does not belong to us, it is not our decision to crush it, and all we can do is crush it. There are always people from the insurance company or the car company off camera that schedule a time to come and watch it get crushed. #Ford #fordf150 #crushinganewcar #crushingcars #autorecyclingtiktok #junkyardjeff #noyoucantkeepit #fyp ♬ Oh No – Kreepa

Even our host is a bit upset at his job on this particular day, however, as he keeps talking about how pretty this F-150 is, inside and out. Sadly, he has no ability to stop the process – only ensure that it gets done – and that’s something that his “overbuilt” car crusher is more than capable of doing – as we can see in the video – as it turns the poor pickup into one giant, heavy pancake in mere seconds.

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  1. cim88sev86

    How sad and wasteful.

    1. Richard Jones


    2. Merle Balke

      But saved some poor sucker from buying it.

  2. David Bardsley

    How is it that the tires could not be reused? We live in a throw-a-way society.

  3. James

    That is really wasteful. I have cleaned up and continued driving 2 cars that were in floods(1972 and 1976)in my 70+years. Both were Datsun 510’s with a lot more miles on than that truck.

  4. Gail

    I didn’t realize it was a flood , I thought maybe ford wanted it crushed because of the 10 speed transmission that they couldn’t fix in it. Or maybe the cam phasers were sounding like they were going to explode out of the engine.

    1. Hamilton

      Ford didn’t send it to the crusher, the owner’s insurance company did.

  5. FordCosworth

    Or maybe you’re a tr/oll


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